Maggie Gyllenhaal is my HERO

I could not possibly be more grumpy today-so I suggest anyone not in the mood for one hell of a Queen rant, get the fuck off the blog now.


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal whipped out a tit and let her kid eat in public. You know where it goes from there. Sarah wrote about it over at Strollerderby and the comments range from “why are we talking about this again?” to “you boob feeders are sick-os” or something like that.

Of course, Sarah (being my real life friend) knows just how much this sets me off into a blind range and made sure I took at look at the article. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I quickly became possessed not to mention obsessed with exacting my revenge on those fuckheads of the world who seem to think I should breastfeed in a closet, in a bathroom, under a blanket, or not at all when their ignorant eyes are watching.

Let me expand on my Strollerderby comment, if you don’t mind:

Seriously? We’re going to fight about this again???

Fuck your blankets and fuck your bottles.

Go Maggie. The rest of you can suck my tits. I’m so not in the mood to have this discussion for the 1000th time.

Get the fuck over it. It’s just a boob.

It’s just a boob indeed. JUST A MOTHERFUCKING BOOB. I’ve written about this issue so many times now that I seriously do not know what else to say to all you asshats that seem to think my tit exposed to feed my child is baaaaaaaaaaad. You are a moron. End of story. (yes, this is a very well thought out argument, can’t you tell??) You are also forcing me to resort to drastic measures.

I’m here to make sure you get the fuck over seeing tits. Maggie, this is for you.


Suck it.

*****updated: It seems my tits have inspired others to do the same-in support of breastfeeding moms! Karl was first to whip em out in solidarity! Join us, won’t you? Post and I”ll link to you here!*******

Keri has joined the fun.

So has Summer!

And my favorite Violet!

For those who can not post a photo on their own blog, I will happily do it here!


  1. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this, but in relation to Tandy’s comments:

    You are the one that is missing the point. Your saggy, crusty scrotum does not feed a baby. Breastfeeding is not childbirth and has nothing to do with a vagina. Women aren’t out in the street with their legs open saying ‘wee, look at me, I’m about to give birth!’.

    We are talking about a completely asexual function, so male genitalia doesn’t compare. At all.

    Newborns require constant supervision, they’re hungry all of the time: a mother can’t just leave her child at home while she does the shopping because some people might be offended by breastfeeding. Women shouldn’t be confined to their homes because people such as yourself have a problem with the way children eat.

    If you go past a paddock and see a lamb feeding on its mum, do you storm up to the farmer and tell him how disgusting it is? Photos of young animals being fed by their mothers are often considered sweet and cute – what’s the go there?

    There are many things that people don’t want to see, but as fully developed humans we have the ability to look away.

  2. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

  3. nice boobs can you take a pic a of your vagina

  4. I can’t imagine any of this. In Israel breastfeeding is simply expected – no one could care less if you feed in public. I fed my kids at the dinner table when we had friends / family over. Hell – I whipped’m out in public at Ikea when my oldest was 3 months old and starving. My mother was horrified, but no one else cared.

    On the other hand, you should see the nasty looks you get if you take out a bottle…


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