Maggie Gyllenhaal is my HERO

I could not possibly be more grumpy today-so I suggest anyone not in the mood for one hell of a Queen rant, get the fuck off the blog now.


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal whipped out a tit and let her kid eat in public. You know where it goes from there. Sarah wrote about it over at Strollerderby and the comments range from “why are we talking about this again?” to “you boob feeders are sick-os” or something like that.

Of course, Sarah (being my real life friend) knows just how much this sets me off into a blind range and made sure I took at look at the article. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I quickly became possessed not to mention obsessed with exacting my revenge on those fuckheads of the world who seem to think I should breastfeed in a closet, in a bathroom, under a blanket, or not at all when their ignorant eyes are watching.

Let me expand on my Strollerderby comment, if you don’t mind:

Seriously? We’re going to fight about this again???

Fuck your blankets and fuck your bottles.

Go Maggie. The rest of you can suck my tits. I’m so not in the mood to have this discussion for the 1000th time.

Get the fuck over it. It’s just a boob.

It’s just a boob indeed. JUST A MOTHERFUCKING BOOB. I’ve written about this issue so many times now that I seriously do not know what else to say to all you asshats that seem to think my tit exposed to feed my child is baaaaaaaaaaad. You are a moron. End of story. (yes, this is a very well thought out argument, can’t you tell??) You are also forcing me to resort to drastic measures.

I’m here to make sure you get the fuck over seeing tits. Maggie, this is for you.


Suck it.

*****updated: It seems my tits have inspired others to do the same-in support of breastfeeding moms! Karl was first to whip em out in solidarity! Join us, won’t you? Post and I”ll link to you here!*******

Keri has joined the fun.

So has Summer!

And my favorite Violet!

For those who can not post a photo on their own blog, I will happily do it here!


  1. Fucking RIGHT ON Erin.

    You rock.


  3. Speaking as a heterosexual male who loves breasts, I honestly don’t know what the beef is about breastfeeding in public. You go Erin!

  4. I’m with you, Erin. I think all women should whip ’em out and post the pics on their blog.

  5. Erin, you are brave in these days of stalkers and trolls. I totally agree. I can’t remember how many times my wife had strange stares and whispered comments when breastfeeding twins. I really wonder what the puritanical people think boobs are for? Oh, that’s right, porn and shame.

  6. Wow. You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen! Seriously!

    And to ONCE AGAIN quote Suebob’s former boyfriend Mr. Stapler, what that first photo is is a picture of SOMEONE EATING. They are EATING, not having a SEXUAL EXPERIENCE! And if it’s easier for Maggie G. to feed her baby without having a giant blanket draped over her body, then so what?

    Why is it okay for the flabbiest, grossest looking men to have no shirt on at the beach, but not for a woman to briefly show the SIDE of her breast while she is in the act of FEEDING her baby?? Aaaaauuuuggghhh!

  7. -jaw glued to the floor-

    Nope. Not because Erin’s boobs (is “tits” a better word?) are on the screen (I admit, she’s got a super rack.)

    I’m stunned that people are STILL.PISSED.OFF.OVER.BOOBS.

    The breast is meant to feed child, not give men a woody.

    And for the love of all that is good and Holy, when are you opponents of breast exposure going to do something about the Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse magazines (I think they’re good reading material, by the way) that millions of men subscribe to?

    When are you people going to get off your asses and do something about the Joe Francis-types out there? When are you going to start lobbying for better laws against child and teen pornography? When are you going to stop allowing six year olds to wear belly shirts and padded bras?

    Too hard, huh? It’s so much easier to attack a nursing mother. You fucking wimps.

    I’m appalled.

    And to “what” up there? Fuck you. When you nurse a child, or two children, for 17 months each, you can come back and show us YOUR tits. Motherfucker. How dare he/she talk about sagging.

    Erin, I’ll definitely pose with you for a boob shot at blogher.

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    Yeah, what Captain Saggy comment up there must not know is I have their IP address and location..and um…from that…I know who they are….that’s right!

    And seriously-nursed TWO kids for almost 2 years EACH! WTF do you expect they look like!

    I love my tits, so they can suck it.

  9. I love your tits too, baby. Smooch.

  10. Erin, YOU are my HERO!

    I whipped mine out while I was laboring (I was hot, m’okay?) and boy, did I get a backlash on that pic. The fuck with them!

  11. You rock.

    And how the hell do yours look so damn good after nursing two babies??? I nursed 3 and although size is there…perky is N.O.T.

    I’ll let ya know if I get brave today or tomorrow 😉

  12. While I won’t be posting any pictures of my breasts (at least not sober) on the internet I certainly an not offended by the breasts of others.

    Especially if they are nursing. I’m actually not sure why people don’t like it. If it skeeves you out, don’t look. The end.

  13. Sarah just sent me over. OUTSTANDING. If I had boobs I’d whip them out, too. And fuck anyone that gets their paties in a bunch. Well done.

  14. I don’t think I’m *quite* that brave, but daaaaaaammmmnnnn! You go!!!!!!

  15. I’m so pissed. Why do we keep having to fight this fight? There is nothing that even needs to be said to these asshats.

    Way to shows your boobs, Erin! You’re so strong! I think I am going to start taking pictures of people eating and make a big deal out of it. That’s what they’re doing to babies.

  16. I’ll admit, I came for the tits, but I’ll stay for the fight!

    Let the damn kids eat!

  17. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Morons. I fed my babies wherever I wanted. Fuck them. Especially my idiot mother in law.

  18. I came here via Karl’s page, his photo was scary. Yours notsomuch. I don’t see anything wrong with it either. My wife breast fed both our daughters, and one of our friends is a lactation consultant. (I can field strip and repair a breast pump). It is all natural.

    You go and rant away, you are right. And more women should be disposed to show their boobs feeding or not 🙂

  19. I’d show my tits, but I can’t pop them out with a baby think he has to be attached to them. 😉 So here you go. Oh the horrors!

  20. It’s so stupid that this is even argued about. I will never understand how breast feeding is considered vulgar or pornographic.

  21. LMAO! Nicely put, Erin. Though…I have to say…the hell you’ve put me through today with Karl jumping on board? I should come smack you.

    Seriously. I won’t sleep again for fear of hairy nippled nightmares.


  22. I’ve never understood why people are so freaked out by a naked breast. We all have them, granted in various sizes. And in Maggie’s case, she wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to give her baby sustenance. What? Her baby should go hungry because somebody else gets freaked out by her breastfeeding? That’s crazy…especially since we have a 360 degree radius of eyesight to choose from, so if you’re staring at her breastfeeding, it’s your own damn fault. Nobody forced you to look.

    Good on Maggie for taking care of her child. And good on you for this post. 🙂

  23. And this is exactly why I love you. You rock, and I totally agree. I may not be as brave as you to post a picture, but I completely agree with you.

  24. There are pictures somewhere on the internet of my boobs…I’m not sure that posting them again would do any good…it might get me in trouble with my mother actually….lol. However, I have and will nurse my hungry child anywhere I damn well choose to. And to HELL with anyone who has a problem with it.

  25. Long time, no comment. Leave it to your boobs to bring me back!

    While my girls are no longer flowing, I have been posting a Magical Milk pic-o-the-week for several months now on my blog. I feel that it’s important for my friends and family to see babies sucking on nipples – at least weekly!! (whether they like it or not!)

  26. This is why you are the Queen. Love it.

  27. Huzzahhhh!!

    K, like I’ve never read you and shit, but your post made me all activist and such, so I posted my boobies. Kinda. Breastfeeding. I had to be tastefull cause my dad reads the blog and I can’t have him having a coronary. it would be hard to explain that to my kiddos.

  28. I’ll never understand why so many people find the sight of a baby eating to be so offensive. I guess the world is just full of idiotic assholes.

    Whipping it out in solidarity:

  29. “Suck it.”

    I’m assuming the line starts here…

  30. Hi, I’m over here because of Karl’s post and picture (that I did not find scary, BTW). My “babies” are in their 20’s now, but I breastfed them without shame or embarrassment. My breasts nurtured and fed my boys very well. Today, as I’m entering the menopausal stage of my life and my body is changing much too quickly, they’re still FUN! I’m very grateful that I still have them.

    I think that this breast-feeding issue is an American phenomenon and stupid, as usual. A couple of months ago, I was in Bangkok. I saw two women sitting on the side of the street breastfeeding their children openly. It wasn’t cause for stir or commotion. They were simply women feeding their children.

  31. Good for you! I’m not brave enough to post a photo of myself either, but I also nursed two children and was subjected to all sorts of horrible people (for example: a stewardess on a plane who told me that even though I was feeding my baby UNDER a damn blanket, that passengers THREE ROWS BACK were “uncomfortable” and would I mind stopping?…. or did she have to bring the captain out to “speak with me”)

    It really is strange that people think that nursing a baby isn’t normal in public.

  32. Bravo! I’m here via Karl (although my retinas are still burning from his contribution).

    The funny thing about Maggie Gyllenhall is that no one was outraged when she whipped them out in “Secretary” or “Sherry Baby”. People are really screwed up.

    I, too, will not be posting my boobs online. If I change my mind I’ll let you know. 😉

  33. Well, you know of the ups and downs I had with breastfeeding (I believe I wrote you a novel of a comment once!) and in spite of the looks having a bottle strapped around your neck and tubes stuck to your exposed tits, not even than stopped me from flashing them in public! WOOH! A favorite was to have the girl at the boob while continuing on my stroll… many a jogger would give me quite the bewildered look but, lucky for me, it being SF I am sure they thought it came with the territory…

    How anyone could be against that is beyond me! Fuck them indeed!

    As for your boobies? Spectacular! 🙂

  34. Oh… and yeah, having latino friends means that when invited over to lunch expect my girlfriend to join us, tit in full view with her baby at the breast… very normal… ironically, I have yet to see any woman breastfeed openly here in Spain! I seriously do not get what is wrong with society!

  35. Oh my God – you rock! That article bugged me too. It’s like we are supposed to pretend we don’t have private parts till we’re in the bedroom ready to have sex. Screw dat!

  36. I’d like to go on the record as being pro-boob…there.

  37. As a nursing mom, thank you thank you thank you. I too am tired of defending my right to bf whenever & whereever my daughter is hungry.

  38. Tori told me to come here to see boobies. It’s a damn good thing Tori doesn’t lie or else there would be hell to pay. I even got to see a few extras. Damn you women and your boobs, damn you! Oh, hello by the way.

  39. My girls are up in solidarity!

  40. If I ever make it to Second Life, maybe I’d show mine there. But I’m too much of a prude to post the real ones online. I support the cause, though. 100%. And applaud your conviction.

  41. Nice tits.

    I like Maggie too. there was this GREAT picture of the woman from the Matrix…Carrie something? Walking down the street and nursing her TODDLER. In public.

    I also do not get it. It is not as though I chose to make food in my boob. I got pregnant, grew a baby, birthed it, and VOILA, I have food in my boob. I do not question the merits of the placenta and lament how I wish I was about 3 pounds lighter. It just happens. It is just a boob. Seriously.

    story: When my son, the Spawn was 3 and had his adenoids out, I was still nursing him. I nursed him when the anestheologist came in and said, ALL red faced, “Uh, sorry, uh…I can come back , in a UH, um….” I asked him, “this is a hospital. You went to medical school and I am pretty sure you saw one. It is just a boob. I am not doing anything special…just nursing. YOu can come in and not be afraid of my breast.” of course he had not choice but to come in and talk to me WHILE I nursed. ha. such a pussy.


  42. best meme ever!

  43. Last summer when there was the big bru-ha-ha about the naked breast on the cover of BabyTalk magazine I wrote about breast feeding
    my then 2 month old son at Disneyland where I got NO attention at all. Later that month i posted a picture of me.

  44. My long winded self just did a post on this too so I’m sure you’ll have even more people coming to bow at your cleavage!


  45. You’re missing the point entirely. We all realize that boobs are for feeding babies. We know it’s natural and we’re over it.
    We don’t want to see your old crusty, saggy, flabby, veiny titties. I don’t want to see Maggie’s, Janet’s or yours. Likewise I don’t want to walk down a public street and come around the corner to some man’s saggy, crusty scrotum. Vaginas are for birthing babies, that doesn’t mean I want to see Britney’s.
    Glorify the old fat sacs if you must but get off your soapbox because some of us don’t. It’s a titty, not a god. Get over it and put it back in your shirt. We’re not impressed.

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  47. Corrine says:

    Why you would be so anxious to show those flabby puppies to anybody is beyond me.


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