TrollBaby Lands on US SOIL

The EAGLE has landed and she’s with my husband.

Wait…maybe eagle is wrong. Maybe I should say…the Goose has landed? You know, Canadian Geese and all???



  1. i hope you guys have a wonderful time. xo

  2. YEY!!!

    Hope you guys have a BLAST!!!!

  3. Have fun… just don’t call me for bail.

  4. Canada Geese! CANADA! I’ve been yelled at too many times for saying Canadian Geese. Not that anyone cares, but some people really get mad about that slip.

    So, you and the Canadian Goose are gone whoop it up and party like rock stars?

    I expect photos so I can live vicariously through you two. I’m a fishing widow this weekend.

    Stuck in a house with a toddler….for three entire days.

    Help me!

  5. Hope you and the Canadian Goose have a GREAT time!!!

  6. hi queenie – your posts aren’t registering on my google reader – any idea why? the google people don’t answer questions.

    enjoy the goose!

  7. I thought the moose was the Canadian mascot. Those geese are nasty creatures. By the way, what’s she doing with your hubby?

  8. beaver, silly.
    canadians are all about the beaver…

  9. Ah, the beaver. I like how Ali thinks.

  10. Asshats.

    Both of you.

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