Just hoping the babysitter isn’t dead in a ditch

I hired a Nanny on Friday. I checked her out, ran the reports, called the references and HIRED a nanny to watch my lovely and always well behaved children 3 days a week while I work only a few rooms away.

The nanny (or babysitter for you who find the N word snobby) was to start the job today at 1030am.  It’s now nearly midnight and she’s still not here. She has yet to show. Or call. Or email. Or send a carrier pigeon.

The best I can do is really hope she’s not dead in a ditch or tending to some HORRIBLE tragedy that would preclude her from calling me, her employer. At worst, she’s a total flake and after going through a professional service she was the BEST I could come up with.

I give.

The kids and I are leaving for Tampa on Thursday where their Nana and Gramps will adore and spoil them while I work.

More to come.

Oh, and…who’s taking me out for drinks in Tampa???


  1. Maybe she checked out your blog and got scared.

  2. Holy crap! Did Queen Tureaud get a boob job? They are bigger than I remember. 😉

    Sorry the Nanny didn’t show. She needs to be put in the naughty corner.

  3. OMG..that’s absurd! I’m so sorry 🙁 Definite reason for a time out.

    I’d take you for drinks in Tampa…except I live in Illinois. LOL.

    Have a great trip!

  4. Omigod – have you heard anything today? That’s really weird. I hope she’s okay.

    I hear you and my hubby have been making plans? During dinner last night he took all the good alcohol out of the cabinet and took a picture to send you in an attempt to entice you and the Kaiser up here. ha ha!

  5. Good help is hard to find!!

  6. Whoa, nice new rack!

    And that sitter better have one good excuse. I can’t wait to hear it.

  7. ME! ME!!! I’ll take you for drinks, but we might have to meet in or near Orlando.


  8. Sucks that the nanny flaked (or died). If that was the best the service provided I shudder to think of the bad nannies. Have fun in Florida.

  9. I hate to hope that some catastrophe has caused your Nanny to disappear, but at least she wouldn’t be flake, then. Man, am I a bitch, or what?

    I would love to hire a Nanny, but that defeats the purpose of my staying home with Squeaks so that we can save money (among other reasons). But this school stuff is a lot harder when you’re older and a mom — I feel like I need someone to entertain her while I work. Maybe I’ll get a high schooler to do it during the summer….

  10. So… did you ever hear anything about the nanny?

  11. come now woman! where’s the nanny? i love that we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear anything about it.

  12. I wish I lived the Royal Kingdom – I would totally love to hang out with the Count and Princess all day – not to mention the side perks of getting to work with people as cool as the Queen and Kaiser…and eat all their food and call boys (ah babysitting!)

    sigh – back to taking customer service calls I guess – but I bet your children are better behaved them some of my customers.

    seriously though – I hope the nanny is ok – although if she just flaked out, she doesn’t know what she is missing – I hope you don’t try her out again, because if she did flake, what’s to stop her from forgetting one of the children at the park?

  13. Wow, that is really strange. Did you ever hear from her?

    If she is ok, smack a bitch. I hate people like that. What ever happened to being reliable? It’s not such a terrible thing yo.

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