The Great American Spirit

Of course I tell my kids they can do anything. I tell them they can be anything. I tell them anything is possible.

What I didn’t realize, was 4 years of telling my son the world, nay, the universe was his to take-now means 24 hour viewing of the Science channel and every single thing in my home being taken apart.


destruction by 4-year old

My remotes don’t work. Which is fine since we only watch the Science channel.
ALL of his toys are in various stages of dismantling.

poor scoop-didn't even see it coming

I step on screws everywhere I walk.

it still works, he's figured out how to reconnect the wires

My kitchen floor is caked in goo and water and flour from his “experiments”-which he calls his “experiences.”

Damn me and my positive parenting.

Happy 4th of July.


  1. When he supports you in your dotage with his high-paying engineering gig, you will be so happy.

  2. Someday he’ll discover a cure for cancer or something, and you’ll be telling these stories on the Biography Channel!

  3. Could be an Edison-in-the-making!

  4. Screws all over the floor? Welcome to my hell. Not from Sweet Pea – from Slipshod. His computers never have cases on them either. That’s where the really teeny short screws come from.

    However – that’s pretty cool, really. He wants to see how things work. Could prove very useful, maybe in one of the ways suggested above!

  5. Happy 4th of July! That reminds me of how my brother used to take things apart. When he was a kid he took his little dirtbike apart took it upstairs in boxes and put it back together. lol

  6. I think he’s brilliant. That intense look on his face, how he pays attention to the details and his curiosity for how things work — he’ll do great things. Rocket scientist, maybe?

  7. It’s totally annoying to you, but it shows how smart he is. At least he’s not watching Jerry Springer and sucker punching his sister!

  8. That is typical boyish behavior. What is scary is when they hit around 8 and start combining those various pieces into a robot complete with a shoulder mounted 5 megawatt laser…..just TRY getting him to eat his vegetables THEN 🙂

  9. canoe chick says:

    Love it!! My little brother was exactly the same way…my mother resorted to buying broken appliances at garage sales, to give him raw material. And now? He defends his Ph.D. in Engineering Physics next month… you go, Count!!

  10. You are a fucking awesome mother!
    While my mother told me the same things, the buck stopped when I tried to take apart the toaster to see how it worked…

    Kudos to you for letting you kid figure the world out…
    Stay awesome Queen!

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