Summer Sting

In about 20 minutes I’m going to tell my 4-year old he can’t play outside today. I don’t think I’ll have to duck my head to avoid projectile matchbox cars, but he’s not going to be happy.

With the heat and house being smack in the middle of a valley-I welcome our first Dangerous Air Quality day of the summer. I have no energy to pack up these kids and head to the coast, and I really don’t want to see yet another animated feature.

The homemade playdough is so two weeks ago and there are not enough Spongebob’s in a day to keep us sane. My next best idea was the zoo-but as it turns out Griffith Park is on fire.

I’m not kidding.

It can be exhausting to live in Los Angeles. Maybe we can all don oxygen masks and go in the pool? How about a nice space helmet? With fire retardant PJ’s, of course.



  1. OH! That is really suckey!

    My suggestion is pop in a lot of movies and take the couch cushions off for them to build, jump, gymnastic, etc. :-)They will also be taking turns on the computer for some much desired game time. We have a big storm heading this way and that’s the game plan here.


    You could start teaching them to play 2nd Life 🙂 It’s never to early to learn! LOL

  2. other new life saver for these type of days:
    Scurm dilly do

  3. Maybe you could get them jobs at the Mill.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    I like Suebob’s idea the best, so far.

  5. Welcome to the South….well, it sounds like you could just as easily be in Atlanta. I hate these kinds of days.

  6. Mmmm, taste that fresh Central Valley air. Crunchy.

    Water slide in the bathtub? Finger paint? Jell-O ™ Jigglers? Water balloons in the bath tub? Groom the cat? Scrub the bathroom? Mop the floor? Braid Mommy’s Hair?

  7. I KNOW this is an almost blasphemous suggestion but… how about a trip to the mall?

    (Ouch. I can’t believe I said that. Malls normally top my list of places I least want to be. It’s amazing how motherhood can screw up your priorities so much!)

    But here in rainy Vancouver, every once in a while when I want to take Milo to a place where he can run around in open space WITHOUT wearing a rain hat and rubber boots, I’ll take him to a nearby mall and let him have at ‘er. He enjoys playing on the coin-operated car and plane rides (thankfully, he doesn’t yet realize that coins make them move).

    And of course, escalators and elevators are always a good source of entertainment.

    But maybe your kids are too old for that? Or the idea of spending an hour or two in a mall is just way too unpalatable to consider? If the latter, I can definitely relate. However, having one (or two!) kids bouncing off the walls at home ain’t much fun either…

  8. My desperate options:

    A sink full of water and dishwashing liquid, sponges and all of my non breakables. That usually kills some time. Don’t forget to put down towels. Or don’t – and then you won’t have to mop anytime soon!

    For some reason, taking a bath or shower is no fun. However, put them all in together in their swim suits with a few extra toys, and it’s a blast. Again – the towel thing – you decide.

    Paint brushes – water – and a bunch of cardboard boxes. They sit in the kitchen floor and “paint” the boxes. As the water dries, their creations disappear and they just keep going.

    We still have an old record player. Poke a hole in the middle of a paper plate (or a thick piece of paper). Put it on like a record and set it spinning. Your kid can hold different markers on their to make crazy circle patterns.

    A big bin of rice with cups, spoons, funnels, etc. It’s like playing with sand, but much, much, much, much, much, MUCH easier to clean up.

    Build a tent with a bunch of blankets. Reading or watching a video is much cooler in a tent … for some reason.

    I could go on and on. I spent eight years with children in the almost-every-friggin-summer-day-ozone-warning of Texas. Can ya’ tell???

  9. Yes, I had a really annoying type-o in my comment. No, I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee.

  10. Nashville had the second-worst air in the country yesterday. Today’s the same. It sucks, doesn’t it? I sort of hate that this is the world I have to offer to my kids.

  11. I wish I didn’t have to leave my home in Los Angeles because aside from the quality (or lack thereof) of air here, there’s the traffic issue. And we haven’t installed the Go-Go-Gadget-Copter on my Go-Kart yet. 🙁


  12. How did that go for you?

    Today I discovered that my toddler REALLY loves scrubbing potatoes. I mean, it kept her busy for an absurd period of time. I’m stalking up for the winter. We will be eating a lot of them.

  13. I can’t imagine.. I live in the middle of podunk CT… the worst we have to worry about outside is the smell of cow manure!

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