The Next Alex P. Keaton

I don’t know where he gets it. Count Waffles the Terrible, who is all of 4 and a half years old is a quick study. After suffering yet another sibling indignity (his sister stole a car out of his hands) he declares, “Mom, can we just have a ‘no hot wheels for Hala’ policy in the house?”

Actually, I just posted this because it’s exactly the kind of thing I’m sure would drive Bill Maher crazy. Mommy drivel. I just might talk about potty training next. Lord knows if you’re not talking about Iraq or fill-in-the-blank political scandal you can’t possibly be making a difference in the world or understand satire.

Bitter much?

Well, that and my kid is cute as hell.


  1. He is pretty freaking cute…my son would ask for the same policy…but we’d probably make fun of him because he’s 7 and the daughter is only 2. She takes cars from him left and right. I guess in his defense, he knows that if he retaliates, he’ll get into some SERIOUS trouble.

  2. Does he have a little copy of the Wall Street Journal in his back pack?

  3. “Bill Maher can suck my hot wheels!”

  4. He is definitely cute as hell. It’s the carefree hair. I love it. (Actually I’m jealous that I have to actually do my hair if I wanna look darn cute!)

  5. Too cute! Next thing you know he’ll be putting a picture of Tricky Dick in a frame by his bed.

  6. Omigod I just want to squeeze him! But he looks like he might push me away if I tried that. ha ha! Maybe he’d let Sweet Pea squeeze him? That’s so funny about the policy – Sweet Pea has asked for similar but never went as far as to specify that she wanted a POLICY. ha ha ha! Count Waffles is too smart for his own britches – and he hadn’t even made it past the front porch on the first day of school.

  7. You are my personal hero this week for your post that was in HUFFINGTON POST!!! You rock! Are you coming over to cre8Buzz or not? Anyhoo…your son is adorable but let him know that some sexy chics dig cars too!


  8. Cute boy you have there.

    Is it me or is Bill Maher a tiny bit racist?

  9. Very cute kiddo.

    Bill Maher, Do you get the feeling he was this ugly kid with no friends OR girlfriends in high school. Maybe that’s why he’s so bitter.

  10. Count is adorable and I love it when they say stuff like that, it cracks me up.

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