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Please welcome Christina from A Mommy Story…we love her. (and that’s “we” like, the royal “we” meaning just me)
Hi there. Queen asked me to look after her bloggy home for today while she catches up with ruling the virtual world and managing her super top secret project. While I admit I’m a street corner performer compared to this rock star blogger, I think I can hold down the fort for today. I gave a lot of thought as to what topic to write on, but kept coming back to her favorite subject: boobs.

Remember junior high school? Yeah, I don’t like to either. I’m convinced the purpose of junior high is to lock the tweens away in their own building to protect the younger kids from them, and to preserve them from the high schoolers who would kill them in a heartbeat.

My worst memory from junior high was gym class. The class itself was pretty dreadful (climbing a rope? running laps around a drab gym? seriously?), but what I really hated was changing in the locker room. Asking girls to change clothes in front of each other during this period of awkward growth is just cruel, because you know there are always those girls who will find the self-conscious girls like a heat-seeking missile and make every effort to ridicule them. As you can probably guess, I was one of those self-conscious girls.

Puberty wasn’t kind to me. While other girls were happily sporting their new bras, I had no need in seventh grade, because I still had no breasts to show for all my growth. Sure, I’d gained several inches in height, got my period, and developed curves on the bottom half, but the top half lagged behind. I suppose I could have worn a bra even though there was nothing to support, but I was never a girly-girl, so I simply breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to add that apparatus to my daily dressing routine yet.

But then there was Mandy.

Mandy was one of those girls who cared not only about her own appearance, but everyone else’s as well. It was her self-appointed purpose in seventh grade to monitor the physical development of all of the girls in the class, making sure those who were under performers were given their proper shame. It didn’t take long before I became a target.

Early in the school year, while walking up the stairs from the locker room to the gym, I felt a finger run down my back. “Did you forget something,” I heard Mandy ask me.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you know. I think you forgot to put something on.” I could feel the other girls staring at me now.

I tried to laugh it off. “Gym clothes, hair band, deodorant…I think I’m covered.”

She wouldn’t let up. “But where’s your bra?” she asked, running her finger down my back again. The other girls laughed.

At this point I felt about two inches tall. “I don’t have one yet,” I replied dryly.

I was in her trap now. Mandy gave a big, theatrical laugh, her braces glinting in the fluorescent light, and declared to the crowd, “Oh that’s right! You don’t have anything to put in there, do you?”

I’d like to say this was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t. Just as she reminded a poor classmate to not wear the same clothes twice in the same week, Mandy also would routinely do a “bra check” on me to see if I was wearing one. In December, she told me I should ask Santa for breasts. By the end of the school year, she took a new tactic, often telling me, “Really, I think it’s time you buy a bra. It’s pathetic. Maybe you can find one with fake boobs in it while you hope for your own? Although at this point, I don’t think they’re coming.”

Yeah, seventh grade was a riot. I don’t think I ever welcomed a summer break like I did that year.

I’m no longer flat-chested, and I have a decent selection of bras in my dresser. Mandy would probably be disappointed that my bra collection is fairly utilitarian and boring (I need something in hot pink or leopard print, I think), but they’re good enough. My body saw fit to give me a respectable pair of C’s, and made sure I had them in plenty of time for them to be put to work. Right now, those breasts are currently responsible for 100% of the nutrition for my four month old daughter, Mira. My breasts are not only good looking, they provide nourishment and comfort to my infant. I’m proud of them, stretch marks and all, and I only wish Mandy could see how my top half has filled out now.

And then I’d squirt the bitch in the eye with breastmilk.



  1. “…I’d squirt the bitch in the eye…”

    I think I love you.

  2. And then could I punch her in the mouth?

  3. Mean girls suck. I have one daughter and two sons. Although my daughter is only 9, I fear for her joining the middle school in two years. Assholes in charge around here make the elementary school end at 5th grade. So kids enter that angst-ridden place when they’re 11! That Mandy? I hope she got knocked up at 15, divorced at 23, and having a sad life.

  4. Nice knockers, Christina!!!

    Uh, maybe I should go cover my head, since you’re bfing.

    Anyway, junior high memories still give me nighmares. I had no boobs, knobby knees, chin acne, and permed hair. I have no idea how I survived.

  5. Oh, I had the opposite problem! I had a very skinny figure with enormous breasts. So of course people thought I was stuffing my bra.

    Girls and boys alike would try to cop a feel to see if they were real.

  6. i love it…squirt her in the eye that is awesome!

  7. I used to get teased by boys for being flat as a board in junior high. Fast forward and I’m a healthy C normally a DD breastfeeding, which I am right now. I’d love to squirt them in the eye as well.

  8. I had skipped a grade by the time Jr. high came along. While the other boys were getting fuzz on their peaches I was still 3 feet tall.

    I got more than my share of teasing for being the latest of the late bloomers.

    I’d like to take my 8″ cock, tie it in a noose and hang them with it now.

  9. LOVE it! I was flat chested too(still am actually) and man did I catch hell for it. Sucked!


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