….a million and ONE dreams

Alright all you NON believers-I finally had a hair-brained idea and it WORKED!

Unlike my last outing with the kids sans help, I now RULE THE PARENTING WORLD and can manage two preschoolers and the Happiest and most crowded place on earth. No leashes. One stroller for about an hour-all while I sipped a latte and read them Chaucer.

Maybe not, but I conquered Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, bitches. (hmmm did I just hear a mouse sigh because I said “bitches?” some Disney exec is like…”did she haaaave to say that?”)

We were invited to a “parent blogger” reception by Disneyland Resorts and Maria Bailey. This included tickets to the parks, tickets trick-or-treating, swag-oh the swag. Let me just say when Disney puts on a “reception” they put ON a “reception.” I’m pretty sure my kids thought they were dreaming. This mom thought she was dreaming.

I left the house thinking we *might* make it a few hours and maybe go on a few rides-and if the kids lost it then we’d just come home. Not only did we do BOTH parks ALL day, we did the reception, trick-or-treated through California Adventure, then we spent the night at the Grand Californian.

To say the kids and I had the best day ever is probably an understatement. They were angels. They had that twinkle in their eyes that only comes when you get to kiss Mickey Mouse. They were in aww. They were out of words. They gave me more “Mom moments” than I can count.

Thanks Disney. Next time I get a hair-brained idea to take off with both kids by myself, I’m coming to you.


  1. Yup, for better or worse, they’ve got the kid thing down.

  2. I’m glad you all had an amazing time!

  3. Disney *does* do the themed stuff better than anybody, I’ll give ’em that. I worked for them briefly and was always amazed with the decorating and the holiday stuff.

    Glad it worked out and was fun!

  4. Awesome! Sounds like a blast!!!

    Glad you guys had so much fun!

  5. I’m jealous! (:

  6. They are adorable. Disneyland is wonderful. You’re a rockin’ Mom! :o)

  7. smarterthanu says:

    U R A FAT PIG! No wonder you live on Second Life, can’t make it in the real world. Ever hear of plastic surgery? Call my surgeon Doug Kantz in Bev Hills he’ll hook you up if you have the bucks.

  8. You realize, don’t you, that you’re SOOOOOO FRIGGGGGGIIIIIIN LUCKY!

    Hate you.

    Love you and all, but yeah … hate you.

  9. smarterthanu says:

    Stalker? Not witty? So anyone that leaves a post that you don’t agree with is a “stalker”? Witty? No. Absolutely not. Why waste that on a fat cow like you that has put motherhood back centuries. Do you really think you are doing something with this blog by posting pictures of your child and your bare nipple? Hiding all the while behind your “second life” character? Lucky? No, don’t think so. Feel very sorry for your kids actually. That the time you spend on Second Life and this blog you could be spending with them. My first grader has been tested and already reads and does math at a 5th grade level. She is involved in sports, her community and a well rounded child. I have my own business at home, but I also have a 600 + library based on the SOL from K-5. It is such an oxymoron that someone that protests and represents to be such an intellect neglects the ones that need the attention the most. You and your twitter buddies need to get a grip on the true reality of what it is to be a successful mother. My child wears $60 dresses and $200 boots, we got to Disney twice a year – but she is educated, responsive to her community and “clued in”. Is yours? No, I don’t think so.

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    Dear Troll,

    You know I’m leaving up your comments because they are just that sad, right??? Just checking…


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