Outrage, again

Hi Folks –

Our humble breastfeeding montage (that received several honors and over 90K views) was deemed “inappropriate” by YouTube and was since banned from their site on November 20. We’re calling to action those with an interest in this heated topic. We need your support and voice to send a message loud and clear that this is not acceptable!

Please visit our site to see how you can participate and forward these links!


For News Opportunities:

Press Release: http://leagueofmaternaljustice.com/pressrelease.html

Youtube Bans Protest Video
Video Depicted Breastfeeding Moms

A mom-produced internet protest video attacking Facebook’s banning of breastfeeding pictures was itself banned by the popular video sharing service Youtube after gaining recognition as the top-five most discussed of its day. A group of moms called Youtube’s action hypocritical and harmful, and pointed to dozens of sexually explicit and harmful videos currently allowed on the service. The moms also pointed to a number of state laws specifically stating that public breastfeeding was not inappropriate.

Thanks for your support,
Kristen Chase


  1. Oh for goodness sakes. What is WRONG with these people? They’re just boobs…and they’re feeding children. What in the hell is the matter with this world?

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    I’m showering (you know, so I can look pretty and not TOTALLY crazy) then I’m off to make a youtube video.

    I like saying “suck it, jerks” at the cam.

  3. I think the world would be a better place if we just banned breasts outright.

  4. They should eat their lunches in a bathroom for a year for that uptight move.

  5. Oooh….Queen is making a video? We can’t wait! We can’t wait!!!

  6. You are over here fighting the good fight. Meanwhile Bossy is making up Dr Seuss poems about chicken bones.

    Anyway, while here Bossy noticed you have blogrolled Bossy’s old URL, the URL she will soon kill forever, if there is a god.

    Her new URL is below – it’s all new and sweet and happy:

  7. Jesus H. Bastiges. I am weary of this world. Make ’em line up so I can just give ’em all (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Bill Maher… anyone else?) a good smack upside the head. Seriously. I really want to smack somebody – because talking sure as hell isn’t getting any notice.


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