Who wants to see my press pass?

full coverage over at BlogHer.com


  1. That is really kind of hawt.

    Ask Hillary what kind of underwear she wears?
    x ha

  2. You look downright journalistic.

  3. Damn straight they gave you one!

  4. How did you get your voice back so quick?

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    it’s not. I pushed it out for THAT. saved it up for 2 days for that 3 minutes.

    DYING today. Totally paying for it.

  6. OOOOO. PRET-ty!

  7. Show me your press pass? Why, Ms. Robinson….are you trying to seduce me? 😉 😡

    Where you out there while the two candidates “pressed the flesh”?

    Wait! Wait! I have more! Don’t cut me off———

  8. ok. so i know that this goes against the whole point of the political situation at the moment–which i definitely don’t want to make light of–and i know that i’ve only actually seen you once in real life, but, even though i’m jealous as all-get-out that you were at the debate, the first thing i thought was: sweet jesus on a cracker, she looks skinny as f#ck.

    i apologize for missing the point entirely. but i know i always appreciate a compliment like that, even when there are more important things to discuss, so i thought i’d go ahead and share.

    and i’ll throw this in, in case it needs to be said:
    looking skinny as f#ck has nothing to do with anyone’s over all awesomeness…just ask me, for i am nowhere near skinny as anything. unless you think cows are skinny.
    then? i win.

  9. Rocking!!!! can we scan this pass¿?

  10. See, I thought she looked like a big, fat cow. Maybe I need to clean my glasses.

    Buh-dum-dum! Ching!

    I just read your comment on the abortion discussion over at BlogHer … you thanked God AND didn’t curse. What is going on?!? You’re freaking me out?!? The room is spinning!!!!

  11. I think we need to do some serious colour photocopying of this press pass – great stuff!


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