Home Sweet Ho…wait, maybe the airport was better

After a trip wrought with delay after delay I was very excited to see my children. As I walked in the door to pick them up after a very long day of travel, they greeted me with a million kisses and gifts.

Then they woke me up at 645am and have yet to move more than an inch from my side. Crawling on me, climbing on me, petting me, snuggling with me, whining at me, whining near me, moving only to grab a toy and then to run right back to re-glue themselves to a thigh or an arm.

I peed with a child on my lap and am typing right now one-handed, as my other hand is being held captive by a small person who can’t seem to pronounce her “L’s” very well.

My son used the back of my shirt as a leash as I walked to get the mail. My daughter won’t go get her stuffed dog from the other room unless I carry her there and back.

The house went from clean to a total disaster in the first half of the day and this afternoon we are all still in our pj’s. I’m trying to make it to the park before tonight’s debate and another “mom’s butt on couch for 3 hours” session but the phone keeps ringing.

While the airport was crowded and loud, much like my house, at least the other passengers weren’t climbing on me and I could get some work done.

I’m also totally annoyed because I have about 20 pages left in The Other Boleyn Girl as my flight landed 20 pages too soon and despite STILL being in my PJ’s today I can’t seem to find the time or arms to finish.

Maybe I can carry the girl to the bathroom with me, have her grab the book-let the boy hold my shirt on the way and sit on my feet as I pee and read out loud. Then everyone is happy.

Or I can just plan another business trip.


  1. Aww. They are at such a sweet age. Enjoy them!

  2. Aw, the clinging says “I love you” so clearly doesn’t it?

  3. Nothing says love like two kids who won’t let you pee in peace.

    Will you go see the movie once you finish the book?

  4. Initially, I was actually touched by this article and — in particular — the pictures that accompany it. That didn’t last long. The tone and the content both belie the message the photos suggest. After “I was very excited to see my children..” it was a disappointment. I was expecting a missive about appreciating the REAL important things in life; the pure joy derived from being on the receiving end of pure acts of love; something, anything that said “Oh man, it was good to be welcomed home”.

    But your post gave way to irritation and frustration at the very souls who missed you and yearned for more of you, more time with you, more connection with you. It seems sad that you couldn’t simply bask in it for a bit.

    Sure, sure, I’m reading a lot into one post. And I don’t mean to seem judgmental. But as a parent who sometimes has to spend too much time away from his similarly aged children, I was disappointed. I wanted to be touched. I supposed I *was* touched — just not in the way I expected.

    I’m not a doe-eyed parental idealist, either.
    I’m at least 50% cranky by nature and I find there’s little I can do about it at this stage in my life. My kids irritate me somewhat regularly. So I snap at ’em and I yell at ’em at times. But I take every opportunity to be with them, to connect with them, to share my thoughts, experiences and observations with them, and to listen to theirs. Because I know this: It will never be better than it is right now.

  5. My favorite part is that your name is included in parentheses on the picture, I’m assuming so they wouldn’t get confused and give it to their other mom. hee hee hee hee hee!

    And “I’m A Dad,” scroll back a few posts and read “Their Coats.”

  6. Thanks Violet. I did just that. It was worth it. I picked up this blog at “Dear Senator Hillary Clinton…” and so I hadn’t read anything previous to that.
    Now, having read through a few more posts, I was also tickled by some of the videos. The voting explanation to preschoolers was priceless.

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Welcome I’m a Dad. I think more than anything you’ll find this blog is a very real space. If I’m having a good day you’ll know and if it’s a bad day you’ll know. And that is parenthood. Of course I try to never forget how great these moments are and how to cherish then and I also never forget we all want to run screaming sometimes 😉

  8. What’s the matter, Hillary got your arms?

  9. Thanks QoS. Having read through a number of your other posts, I quickly realized exactly what you’ve just summarized. This post was a moment in time best taken in context with the other moments.

  10. I remember when my kids did that. My phrase was “don’t hang on me.” They are now 36 and 34, and do you know what their tag line is for me? You guessed it. And now I have to have 2 golden retrievers to simulate their childhood behavior. Life is pretty complex, isn’t it?

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