I Got Game

My daughter is begging to take ballet classes.

While yes, I took them once upon a time too…I really would rather she play a sport.

Go ahead…yell at me for saying that because you think dancing is a sport-not going to argue. I am just thinking a more ‘traditional’ sport like soccer or basketball or baseball. You get the idea.

However she really wants to put on a tutu and twirl around and be ‘beautiful’


I know. I know. I KNOW-I am as girlie as they come too.


But then I see the new round of WNBA commercials and I want my tiny Princess to kick some ass in the paint.

Projecting these feelings, even just these expectations, anywhere near my children is dangerous. And I know better.

But damned if IĀ  don’t get excited thinking of her taking down a few boys in a pick up game.


She’s 3.

And I am obviously crazy.

So in the morning when registration opens for summer classes, I’m going to enroll my daughter in ‘Princess Ballet’ and watch her spin and curtsy.

I’m going to smile.

I’m going to not-so-secretly hope she hates it.

I’m going to take her to a WNBA game.

I’m going to remember she is not me and I am not her.

I’m going to go buy her ballet slippers and a tutu and a wand.

I’m going to avoid the pink basketballs.

…at least this time.


  1. At least you haven’t pre-enrolled her at UTK to be on Pat Summit’s team.

  2. jitta, my roommate, was a state champion basketball player all through high school, and could’ve played in college if she’d wanted to. she’s also been dancing for most of her life.

    she’s had her nose broken three times: once from basketball, twice from dance.

    so don’t you worry – there is plenty of ass-kicking to go around in the dance world. šŸ˜›

  3. Sherrie says:

    I was given your name by Geekmommy and read this one blog and went Yep that’s me! lol I’ll be an avid reader from now on.

  4. There’s still time. My 4.5 yo loves her dance class AND her soccer team. Last year it was just dance after a failed attempt at gymnastics (sometimes it doesn’t pay to be brilliant at 2.5).

    And oh, yeah…take her all tutu’d out to a WNBA game. She’ll love it.

  5. My mother has been training Cordy, I think. Yesterday’s exchange as she was dancing around:

    Me: Cordy, are you a dancer?

    Cordy: No, I’m not a dancer. I play hockey.

    Mom is convinced Cordy would make a great hockey player.

  6. Just remember that pro footballers take ballet to help with balance and coordination.

    Think of it as a springboard to those sports you hope she enjoys more. šŸ™‚


  7. I don’t know if I could smile gracefully there. LOL I’m so not girly if I had a girly daughter she’d be hoping for a new mom.

  8. My mother was very upset when I hung up my hockey skates for some traditional figure skates. She just couldn’t believe how I, as the best player on the team, didn’t want to play it any more. She’d never had the option. I didn’t get it until much later.
    My daughter just turned five and only wears dresses;especially loves pink and purple; would wear a tutu everyday if possible; has pink shin guards and runs circles around the boys.

    Go with the flow and like you said always remember she is not you.

  9. yeah – you are me – I plan to enroll CAmmy in basktball while granny tackles the dance – Hey – she likes it all so it works okay.

  10. Ballet will serve her well in all of those other “real” sports. Conditioning, control, balance, coordination – a basketball player is nothing without these.

    Besides, who says a girl can’t kick ass *and* be beautiful (in whatever way she feels it most – pink tutu or soccer uniform) all at the same time?!

    I for one like to think that women rock so much we can kick ass just as well as the boys and do it in heels. High Heels. šŸ˜‰

  11. Never fear! I was once a frilly-prissy little girl that Mami wanted me to be, but I grew up to shed the dress and rock on a firesuit and helmet. My mom is still scratching her head.

    If you empower her to be independent, and to make her own path, then like my mom did for me, you will give her all the kick-butt power she needs.

    That’s where I came up with Horsepower & Heels…. because “Who says Horsepower & Heels don’t mix?!?”

    Back then, they burned bras…. now, we burn rubber!

  12. Try fencing. It teaches agility and grace, and you kick ass.

  13. Nearly every girl has a frilly stage. They do grow out of it. There will be plenty of time for other sports.

  14. My very first sport was ballet. I was 4 and I loved it. After a few years, I moved on to figure skating and gymnastics. Then it was soccer, skiing and basketball. Track and field events soon followed along with a gold medals in the provincial championships in basketball, skiing and track.

    My father coached me in everything but dance. I’m glad he encouraged me to try a little bit of everything and I’m grateful for all of the opportunities he gave me. Dancing, figure skating and gymnastics taught me about discipline, respect and the importance of core strength. Basketball and soccer taught me the importance of being a team player.

    Your daughter is very very lucky to have a mother who encourages and allows her to follow her dreams as they come.

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