I Am Pleased To Announce…

I’m off the market.

No more freelance. No more contract work. No more consulting.

It started in 2005 when I agreed to write at a community based blog.

For free.

While I typed with one-hand and breastfed at the computer.

I grew my own blog. I grew my readers. I worked very, very hard and eventually made enough money monthly to pay my internet bill.

I was up late reading blogs, I was up late writing blogs, I was up late trying to figure out how all this online stuff gets monetized.

But I had faith. Something I don’t come by very easily.

I continued to work hard, I continued to grow my readers. And I started pitching projects and pitching panels at conferences and signing on to help start-ups, fellow bloggers, additional communities.

All with children under foot.

Usually typing one-handed and breastfeeding.

Always on my terms.

When I wanted. How I wanted.

All with nothing but faith.

It was not long before I became part of the fastest and largest growing population online and I was determined to see my friends and colleagues benefit right along with me. I hope that has been evident.

I still am very detrimined to see those benefits for my community. It’s not a job or work. It is a passion.

Which is why I am pleased to announce I’ve joined BlogHer as their Producer of Special Projects.

BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone told me years ago, her goal-BlogHer’s goal- was to empower women online. Not just in voice and reach, but also financially.

BlogHer has since met much of that goal with many of it’s members, myself just one.

I’m officially able to take care of my family, as a work-at-home mother.

That’s huge. And I hope many of you see how important that is…so I’m going to repeat it:

I’m officially able to take care of my family, as a work-at-home mother.

I can raise my children, and continue to raise some hell-online and off.

Next week I will travel with BlogHer to the Democratic National Convention and the following week to the Republican National Convention.

I will do my best to continue to make a difference for the now thousands of women I’ve gotten to know personally and those I hope to meet soon.

I’m excited about this new opportunity, and I hope you will follow my coverage from Denver, St. Paul, and beyond.

Erin Kotecki Vest

aka Queen of Spain


  1. congratulations! that is wonderful news.

  2. Hurrah and congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving writer, thinker, woman, or blogger (in that order).

  3. Wow! I had to see what all the congratulatory tweets were about. Good for you! Well done.

  4. Wow Erin! Way to go! Now I really wish that I would have met up with you when you were visiting family in Michigan – I could say “I knew you when…” LOL!

  5. I love these overnight success stories! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think this is a great example of believing and honoring you true path.

    Congratulations and continued blessings.

  6. Awesome! Congrats Erin, they are getting a GREAT addition to their team ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You are so inspirational. Can I pin your picture up in my locker so I can look at it every day when I train?

    I kid. But you really are amazing. I hope a few years from now I can say I’m doing the same thing.

  8. That’s great, Erin. Will give you tons more flexibility as well.

  9. Well done, Erin! Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations, Erin! This is a great move and I’m sure you’ll be every bit the rock star in this new role.

  11. Congrats! I love your blog, yes, my privates are outside of my body, and still I read on…crazy, no, i don’t think so. It’s a good blog, just do happens that you’re female. But, the whole “work form home and make money off of blogs idea” is already saturated with b.s. To make money, you have to have talent, same as it’s been from day one.

  12. I read but don’t comment very often (I kind of get all Moses and the burning bush in your greatness and think you’ll piss yourself at the lameness) and this is certainly occasion enough to say congrats and way to go!

    And also, wondering how many keyboards across America have breastmilk on them from moms multitasking. lol

  13. Congratulations!

  14. Congrats! And thanks for introducing me to the BlogHer world and for encouraging women and bloggers as well as always speaking your mind!

  15. I’m sooo late, please forgive me, but that is so awesome!! Congratulations!!!

  16. you know i’d say it out loud if i could, but *whispers* CGH.

    p.s. *smacks Erin one up-high*

    this calls for a drink in Denver.

  17. Congrats! See you tomorrow night!

  18. Congratulations! That is a WONDERFUL achievement! See how far faith and talent can get you!

  19. I am so happy for you and just beaming with pride for all moms. You are a beacon! So glad you’ll continue to live out loud and unfiltered with BlogHer.

  20. Erin,

    Good for you; faith and perseverance yield dividends. You deserve this.

    Way to go, “dudette.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looking forward to reading more from you…

    Cheri S.
    Wash, DC

  21. Good for you! You’re an inspiration to many. Keep up the great work!


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