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Let’s not talk about the kid…let’s talk about policy and politics. Forget WHY we are having this discussion, but we still need to have this discussion. And while we’re at it, let’s talk abstinence only education, family leave, affordable child care, and yes…funding for programs for teenage mothers.

From the Washington Post: h/t reader The Truffle

By Paul Kane
ST. PAUL — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee who revealed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, earlier this year used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live.

After the legislature passed a spending bill in April, Palin went through the measure reducing and eliminating funds for programs she opposed. Inking her initials on the legislation — “SP” — Palin reduced funding for Covenant House Alaska by more than 20 percent, cutting funds from $5 million to $3.9 million. Covenant House is a mix of programs and shelters for troubled youths, including Passage House, which is a transitional home for teenage mothers.

According to Passage House’s web site, its purpose is to provide “young mothers a place to live with their babies for up to eighteen months while they gain the necessary skills and resources to change their lives” and help teen moms “become productive, successful, independent adults who create and provide a stable environment for themselves and their families.”

Palin’s own daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant and has plans to wed.


  1. lucky canuck says:

    Yes, take that line of thinking and go with it.

    Compare the teen-pregnancy and future prospects of the Governor’s daughter to that of thousands of other 17-year-olds in the same position.

    Find out how many other young mothers-to-be go through their 9-months without any pre-natal care because they can’t afford it, and then show how they struggle to care and raise an infant, now dealing with the worries of two people without health care.

    And compare the life of the teen mother to the potential life she could have had, if she was given access to birth control.

    I have three children (who were planned thanks to birth control), and the only money I spent for health care during my pregnancies was for vitamins and iron supplements…and I guess you could include the gas to get me to my pre-natal appointments.

    Not allowing access to birth control, and then not assisting with the medical (and other) expenses of a pregnancy is outrageous.

  2. I saw that last night. Yeah, I would say that that is relevant.

  3. Covenant House is a Christian organization. This is exactly the kind of program someone with her supposed values and ideals should be supporting. The more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more dangerous she sounds.

  4. Man, as a human services worker, mother and woman- that makes my blood boil! She is like the worst of any of my horrific woman bosses all rolled into one! (Not that there aren’t many bad men bosses or great woman bosses!)

  5. I can’t believe anyone is taking her seriously. Or any republicans for that matter.

  6. OK, this is a crazy thought, but what do you think the odds are that we’re in for a “just kidding” kind of moment at the convention?

    Everyone is talking about this being a stupid choice and that she’s, well, a loon. And yet McCain’s campaign has been really smart, winning all of the all-or-nothing states when Romney should have had the nomination handily.

    Could this be a fundraising ploy to draw attention and energy away, rattle the ultra-conservatives into donating (i.e., give or get stuck with her) and then they spring Lieberman?

  7. Wow…I guess I’m wrong and overestimated this. They were indeed that stupid…

  8. Ok. So when Bristol and her dude get married, will they have medical insurance after she no longer is on Governor Dearests’ dime?

    Jamie Lynn Spears sent Bristol a baby shower present. Cool!

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