Don’t Vote

No excuses.


  1. I’m voting Barack Obama on Nov.4 2008

    Actually we have early voting here in Illinois .

  2. Best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m posting it tomorrow. Ty!

  3. Reverse psychology at its best.

  4. I haven’t done shit on drugs except play Halo 2.


  5. i felt that these celebrities were talking down to the viewer. kinda like how a parent would to their teenager.

  6. I love the way they post the web address and wait around for you to register.

    I’m registered. I’m voting.

  7. cheapsuits says:

    It IS important that everyone votes. Not just this election but EVERY election. That said, I can understand the apathy. Give our vote respect! I think you will find this video sums it up very nicely:

  8. long ago registered – absentee ballot requested (will not be in area on the big day) – and sharing this on my site.
    It’s almost the official change day & I couldn’t be more thrilled!

  9. cheapsuits says:

    it IS important to vote! Not only in this election but every election. That said, I can understand the apathy. Respect our vote! I think this video sums it up nicely.


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