Sylmar Fire View

From my front lawn

view from our house

The LA Times has a great map with evacuation information.

My family and home are not in any danger, thank you all for your concern. We’re keeping a close eye on everything and will go if we need too-


  1. Cathy in Miami F-L-A says:

    Wow, reminds me of the 1998 fires along the space coast of Florida. There were inch long pieces of ash falling like snowflakes all over Titusville. Hopefully the winds will die down and the firefighters can get ahold of it. Best of luck to everybody involved!

  2. Stay safe E-rod.

  3. I’ve been watching the coverage of the fires all afternoon. Happy to hear you and yours are safe.

  4. Glad to hear you are safe.

  5. PLEASE keep us updated. I’m glad you’re safe now, and I hope it skips by you.

  6. WOW… 😮

  7. What a scarey yet beautiful picture!
    I’m not sure I could have stayed that close…

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