Oh, the carnage!

I’m not cooking on Thursday.

and I don’t even feel slightly guilty about it.

As I get totally lazy and wind down for the holiday- check out these must reads and must sees and must musts:

Monkey waiters!

Ford’s Scott Monty tells you everything you need to know about what one automaker has been doing to turn things around.

I am quoted in AdAge this morning on the whole Motrin Moms debacle. I would pay close attention to those numbers in there if I were you.

Media Matters dispels the myth of the $70 an hour auto worker.

This video would be hilarious if they weren’t SERIOUS

but at least no turkeys were harmed during filming. Unlike some other videos I’ve seen.

Is Obama President yet?

Maybe your job wouldn’t be so hard if your boss didn’t suck so bad?

Glad the election is over so I don’t have to spend a week defending how Larry Summers is not, in fact, a communist.

..and finally, a gratuitous ‘my kid is cute’ shot, even if she’s channeling a 75-year old tourist

Her brother is against photography in all forms. Says it is a violation of his privacy and rights as a citizen. Or something.


  1. And to think I wrote last week the waitressing couldn’t be outsourced. I think that video is a sign that I should quit thinking.

  2. That video is disturbing. Of the things to be thankful for, Palin is not it.

  3. Do you mean pay attention to the low numbers they cite? The AdAge piece did a horrible job of interpreting the numbers. It is ridiculous to compare online media or even informal online coverage of a topic to a 30-second one-time cable viewing. Online lasts longer, is searchable, and will show up in hits of people who are ACTIVELY looking for information.

    I agree with you on the relative unimportance of the Motrin debate and of the misdirected mob feel to it, but the merits of the complaint don’t negate the leverage used. You’ve been saying “you have power, use it wisely.” AdAge wants us to believe there isn’t power here that marketers should listen to because the numbers don’t add up to their conventional way of counting eyeballs.


  1. […] has a case study on the Motrin ad flap today (hat tip Queen of Spain) that characterizes Motrin’s decision to pull the babywearing ad as caving to “a vocal […]

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