I Think We Had A Gremlin Once Too


  1. Christina and I wondered, last night, how long it would take for you to see that clip. I love how Stewart and company manage to cut to the heart of the issue, even while bringing the funny.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Totally! And I nearly skipped watching last night until Ayse said ‘you HAVE to see the Daily Show tonight!

  3. When does the media get a bailout? NBCU slashed $500M worth of payroll this week.

    When does the newspaper industry get a bailout? Papers are closing, going under, cutting staff across the country.

    When does the corner store industry get a bailout? When does the restaurant industry get a bailout? When do the oil companies get a bailout? When does the tech sector get a bailout?

    I guess my point is. Why is one industry more worthy than another? Why is one job more important than another? Why do you get to keep your job and I don’t get to keep mine?

    When does personal responsibility factor in to the equation?

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Because b, this industry is responsible for 2-3 million jobs in this country. The ripple effect, as one suit at the hearing said yesterday, wouldn’t be a ripple but a tsunami.

    And let’s not forget the government helping to put them in this position with incentives to foreign automakers.

  5. queen,

    one or two should be bailed out. but only as a stop gap. then they need to ship some of those laid off people to the real auto-industry and retrain the rest… maybe for the industry that will grow from the 10 year energy initiative. there is something just not right with an auto-worker (or any worker) being unemployed for 4 years. i knew that detroit was out of touch when i saw the first post-gm model jaguar on the road. it was unrecognizable. where are the people who designed mustangs and corvettes when they used to be cool? the long term reality is that we need to be more competitive globally. that means the workforce has to be more flexible and transient. i voted for obama in part because of those ideas – like healthcare not being tied to your job- and hopefully he will make it so.

  6. And we all used to be farmers at one point as well.

    Economies change. This one is changing and there are pains, but such is evolution.

  7. Leave it to Jon to say it perfectly…

  8. There was this radio personality in Washington DC in the 70’s who had a “Gremlin Watch” during morning drive time. If you saw a Gremlin stalled at the side of the road, you called in and he put you on the air. It was a hoot!

    Later, I think in the 80’s after all the Gremlins had gone to Bad Car Hell (I think it’s a scrap heap in Oakland), he had a Yugo watch. That was even funnier.


  9. This is hilarious! I missed this!

    They’ll get bailout money. I do think it was probably good that Washington beat them up about it a bit, just so we all remember to take this kind of thing real serious like. And I’m still pretty convinced that they’ll have to merge and/or go Chap 11 at some point in the not too far future. It’s all just so crappy. I hope at this point that America can just figure out how to keep making cars.

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