Here Fishy Fishy…heeerreee Fishy Fishy…

We may or may not be the wards of several fish this holiday break- courtesy of the charter school’s kindergarten class.

Immediately the jokes began about how long it would take me to kill the class pet, because I have a bit of a track record with fish.

I maybe, kinda, sorta, inadvertently boiled our last one.

On accident.

Poor fishy resided in a nice bowl on top of our mantel in our old home. Months went by, and fishy was a happy swimmy member of the family. Then the cold months began and like I did in that house every time it got cold, I flipped a switch and the gas fire place went ‘poof” and we were all warm and toasty.

Including fishy. On the mantel.

Mmmmmm, dinner.

Now mind you this fish belonged to us and only us…not an entire crew of 5 & 6-year olds who will no doubt need therapy if I kill their class pet.

…but as it turns out, many of YOU have already killed class pets. LOTS OF THEM. Early today I twittered about the prospect of becoming foster-fish parents and you people came out of the woodwork to tell me your class pet stories.

Oopsie (who has the cutest Etsy shop) says, “After the Class Pet spent the week at our house, they opted for a stuffed animal class pet. No lie.”

The Smart Mama tells me,  “Have killed class pet before. Trust me – they do NOT notice replacement fish – just make sure your kid doesn’t know either…And, by the way, my mom killed class hamster – nobody noticed the replacement hamster either.”

HawaiiReality cracked me up, “Girl, My cat ate gerbil I brought home.Parents got replacmt.Iwas scaredclass wood b able 2 tell difference.But they couldnt”

And although this pet didn’t die…I’m still laughing over the message I got from Josh, “3rd grd-brought class hamster home for xmas. disappeared that night for two weeks. Day before school starts – hamster alive in sock drawer

I’m confident I can keep the class fish alive. CONFIDENT. Why?

No more gas fireplace.

Plus I think I’m going to set up a webcam on the tank so Twitter can warn me if any of them seem to be going belly up.


  1. LOL So glad I won’t have to worry about class pets, gods knows what I’d do to the poor thing on accident.

  2. Fishy Cam is viral gold! You can have a sideline of betting action on the fish’s lifespan, too.

  3. Hilarious. Here the teacher kept two poisonous snakes as class pets – until they nearly killed two children. No lie.

  4. I would like to make it clear that the hamster survived, although several socks in my drawer did not. I was not asked to take home any class pets during Easter break.

  5. Well at least you know you won’t find the fishy alive in your sock drawer in two weeks. That must be some consolation.

  6. Haha – this is a great post. I killed three fish in college named Amelie, Sylvan and Nigel. Then I tried to have a plant. It died within a week.

    I’m thinking about getting a cat someday…and then children? Baby steps. Bad track record so far…


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