Quit Complaining And Spreading Myths- Ask Ford Yourself

Tomorrow I’m interviewing Ford Group VP of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering Susan Cischke – leave your quesiton for her in the comments of my BlogHer post and I’ll ask it- time permitting.


  1. I would like to know if he plans on bringing in new blood and new thinking to change it around.

    There is an economic theory is that if the same CEOs with the same thinking try to fix this we will be in even worse shape.

    Bring in women – there are millions of unemployed, trained, skilled, educated women who left the workplace because of the hours and the patriarchal thinking who would return under the right conditions. Women engineers, women HR reps, women PR and women advertising and marketing people who are left the workplace because it refused to acknowledged their families.

    If these car makers created a family-friendly environment and introduce women’s fresh perspective and innovative ideas and good sense and you might actually see a fundamental change that could create a new, stable economy – not to mention a much better vehicle.

    Ask him what he thinks of that?

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