Again With The Morons

Apparently we’re going to do this again.

Yes, we’ve done this before. Several times. Over here too. Oh and here.

Let’s review:

feeding is not obscene. My kid wiggling his/her head and ‘showing the nipple or areola’ (as Facebook is saying) is not obscene.

My child eating is not porn.

#suckit Facebook

If I have to suffer through barely legal thong-showing asscrack flashers, you can handle my daughter eating breakfast.

Hala Nursing


  1. Facebook just doesn’t get it. I left it over this issue and now that I know more about the people behind Facebook, there is no way I’d sign up again.

  2. Talked w/ hubby on this – he’d said that for many guys even the slip of a nipple is enough to make it sexy, and he said that from what he’s read the “theory” behind the banning is that the nipple, because it provides a sexual function on the woman’s body, is private and thus unable to be shown.

    Here’s the thing, though – a woman’s mouth can provide a sexual function – and you don’t even have to talk about blow jobs to get there – deep kissing is a VERY sexual act, and the mouth is the main sex organ. Yet not only is the mouth showable – whether being used sexually or not – but they will actually show the sexual act of kissing without batting an eye.

    So, the mouth can be used for feeding and it can be used for sexual gratification, and regardless of which way its being used, its perfectly ok to show it on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, national television and any given city street for that matter. The nipple can also be used for feeding (though feeding someone else – not that that should matter) and for sexual gratification, but regardless of the way its used, it CANNOT be shown because somehow it’s ‘private’ where the mouth is not.

    That kind of idiocy is just inexcusable in what’s supposed to be an “enlightened” time!

  3. none of it makes sense to me. the act of feeding my child should not have to be private. ever.

  4. I saw this over on Twitter, so I had a little warning before clicking over here, but I’m still fired up. How many times do we have to fight this battle?

  5. Could it be that the dweebs that run facebook are just jealous because they haven’t seen a real boob since they breast fed as kids? 😉

  6. Not obscene, but this certainly looks painful. She’s an…er…enthusiastic little feeder.

  7. Ugh. UGH.

    So tired of this ridiculous battle.

  8. Not to put too fine a point on it here (snort), but are profiles of dudes with nipples showing (which, duh, by definition would not have an obvious “promoting the survival-of-the-species” justification) similarly censored?

    Seriously, why can men show nipples with impunity (if not on Facebook – which I’m not sure of – anyone know for sure either way? – then at least in most other spheres of culture) when they have no obvious biological need to do so, but women are censored, even when they are obviously providing (the best possible) food for their infant offspring?

    And, uh, it’s not like men’s nipples are somehow asexual. Which gives me another (kind of naughty) protest idea…

  9. oh for fuck’s sakes, eh! Now I’ll have to go do some reading about the folks behind facebook. I can’t believe they;re this behind the modern times with regards to nursing.

  10. Yea – well, facebook blundered here. My kids need to feed in public sometimes – will the shopping malls ban this? I think not – not if they want my business…

  11. Victoria, that is an EXCELLENT point. Given their justification that women’s nipples provide a sexual function, then men’s nipples should similarly be banned. Women’s nipples have non-sexual functions, I don’t think men’s do. I mean, what else do men’s nipples due, aside from giving them another place that provides a heightened sensitivity to erotic stimulation.

  12. >>barely legal thong-showing asscrack flashers>>
    So true! Not to mention FB finds photos of college girls feeling each other up OK and not sexual … so lesbian soft-core porn poses are fine, but nursing … NO WAY!!

  13. Yes, lesbian soft-core porn poses are fine and long as the girls don’t nurse each other. THAT would cross the line…

  14. Ow! That looks painful! I remeber that age when they want your breast to be portable and turn their head without letting go.
    Is there an issue with the curve of the breast? Or is it just a nipple issue
    But I’m with you on this.

  15. I don’t get the aversion to breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter until she was 4 and a 1/2. Plenty of hairy eyebrows were raised but it was best for her and not overly inconvenient, so what was the big deal? My child learned to eat only when hungry as a result and in that respect is much better off than I am.

    Facebook is run by little boys who see women only as sex objects. How is banning nursing any different from making us wear burkas? It’s their inability to control their own thoughts and urges that is the problem. I guess we know who the weaker sex really is, eh?

  16. Nice point about the thongs being thrust into OUR faces, by um…women’s choice? Gimme a break.

  17. I think that nursing is something of great beauty. Hugs.

  18. Thank you for keeping me sane. Why can’t it just be that simple…kids eat, one way they eat is through breastfeeding. Period. No discussion of whether or not the nipple or areola show. The fact is that kids need to eat.


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