Dead Fish Alert

We had a floater.

Time of Death: somewhere between breakfast and dinner

Kids: seem to think it’s sleeping, refuse to believe otherwise

Mom: paranoid the other three won’t make it to Monday and the return of school

Teacher: super cool and understanding

Husband: mocking

Maybe I should have kept a webcam on these fish. Clearly I can’t be trusted.


  1. I bet it was that fucking robotic cat — it was really eying those fish, if you ask me.

  2. I remember being HYSTERICAL when I lost my first fish — when I was a kid…. So, good luck with that!!!

  3. I kind of forgot we had fish the last week or so, but somehow they’ve made it. I guess that makes up for the time I forgot to put the cover on the pump and my daughter’s favorite fish got sucked into it. Oops.

    Hopefully the rest of your fish are alive and well and will wait until they get back to school to die!

  4. AWWW!!!

    As a momma who has had many a fish pass to the great sea of beyond I feel your pain.

    My brilliant Prince Charming finally brought home a minnow & surprisingly (and thankfully) they appear to live a long time with little to no food and are much more active.

    It’s been like two weeks since he’s been fed ( all honestly just trying to avoid fish abuse’s been longer) and he’s still going all over that tank.

    Feeling guilty now. Must go feed him.

    Missed you 🙂

  5. we used to have a pretty elaborate and huge aquarium, but we had to cute this little hole in the top of the lid, so that the filter could fit in. there was virtually no open room in the hole, but fish kept finding a way to jump out. so, instead of coming home to floaters, we would come home to fish out of water on the floor.

    i have no idea why all of our fish were suicidal, but they were.

    are you going to try a sneak replacement?

  6. I’m a former classroom teacher. A few years ago, one of the fish in our class tank tried to eat another one….except he only succeeded in swallowing the other fish up to its tail. So when the kids came in the classroom that morning, there was the fish…with another fish hanging from his mouth. I tried to tie it in with a lesson on the food chain. But then the greedy fish died. It was very traumatic (I think more for me than the kids). I did confer with the guidance counselor. I also stopped having class pets after that.

  7. Tina…I’m laughing way harder than I should be

  8. Ha ha ha ha – I’m sorry I’m laughing. It’s just funny the way you wrote it. And I also just read Tina’s comment. I was worried the same thing might happen at our house over the break, only we had the class parakeets. And we have two young, agile cats who will push doors open if they’re not closed properly. The parakeets made it through but I don’t think I’ll offer to keep them again, certainly not for two weeks. I wouldn’t worry too-too much about the fish. I mean, they’re *fish.* They seem to die so much more easily than the bigger animals.

  9. sorry to hear, but you make sound so funny!

  10. Been there! Did that!

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