Dumping Daddy

I’ve admittedly been lazy about this. Annoyed but not feeling the need to scream and yell.

However Glennia and Belinda reminded me that sometimes the only way to tell someone to #suckit, is with your wallet.

Queen of Spain blog will no longer be a Go Daddy domain. My blog has up and moved. #suckit, Go Daddy.

Thanks to Jeremy Tanner for the help.


  1. Good for you!

  2. Right on! I have one blog that is inexplicably on GoDaddy (the rest of my stuff is on Liquid Web). I really need to ask my husband to move it.

  3. I figure that you can safely anger one segment of the market if it helps you attract your target market – Carl’s Jr. can air ads that anger vegans, for example – but Parsons has managed to alienate TWO segments of the market, since a number of conservative Christian websites are seeking alternate domain registrations also. No idea if these defections are significant yet, and Parsons himself hasn’t blogged since the Super Bowl.

  4. Rock on! I need to hurry up and get mine moved, but honestly I’m terrified of a crash and burn. I don’t want to lose everything, and my luck I will.

  5. YES! YES! YES! I’ve done my time with GoDaddy…..and their shitty commercials.

    You rock

  6. Care to fill me in on what’s the deal with GoDaddy?

  7. Good for you. Go Daddy Must Die! Their ads are not only sexist, they’re not funny and totally inappropriate for daytime family programming like the Super Bowl.

  8. Yeah, I guess I must have missed the commercials. What’s the deal?

  9. you go woman.
    first mistake i learned in teaching myself how to blog: never ask a non blogger where to self host ur blog. from the moment i was about to click ‘enter’ on the godaddy reg, i realized this deal is not me…esp b/c in other tabs i was scanning their exploitation of women and heinous advertising (and yah, i did cocktail for 3 years wearin’ sadly about what the hooters’ girls wear…) but outa that phase and now very much about empower women in ways that matter, i wanted nutting to do w/ them. get this: got online w/ their tech support..my computer was stuck. i wanted out. i had pressed enter.but it was within the first five. i don’t recall all the gobbly goop but after 2 hours on the phone tech support at godaddy who started out by assuring me we could renig my sign up (b/c my domain had not yet been directed there from where i purchased it, another long gross story of newbie’s ignorance), ended up saying ‘uh oh. sorry m’am. you can’t move outa godaddy for 60 days.
    omg it felt like 10 years. i counted it down to the hr and can’t say enuf why not to go there. have zero problem saying do not go to go daddy evah. nuff said. thanks for your post. happily self hosted now at acornhost using wp.org. acornhost: women owned, greenpowered. any ?s ??? 🙂


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