100 Days

My soon-to-be 6-year old celebrated 100 days of Kindergarten this week.

I’d like to bow my head in a moment of silence for the roller coaster ride we’ve been on in 100 days.

100 days of kindergarten!

The start of “real school” for your first born really is an ass-kicker. From the endless questions about if they are ready, when they are ready to navigating a new school and it’s insane system. The paperwork, my GOD the paperwork, the endless notes that come home. The fundraisers, the teacher gifts, the volunteer hours.

Yes, the first time you send your child off to school it’s a new world for him and you.

We’ve made some tough decisions around here in this first 100 days of chaos. Some good. Some bad. Some drastic.

So while I sift through the mound of construction paper projects and permission slip reminders and practice our letters one more time…I salute you 100 days of Kindergarten. You’ve made me crazy, my son stressed, and all of us insane.


  1. Dude. I know. It does get easier. I promise.

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