Frankly, Scarlett

I wasn’t home while my son had his first bout of strep and…wait for it…Scarlet Fever. Not that I have guilt or anything.


Here’s the thing about this Scarlet Fever crap…it looks SO MUCH WORSE than it is. And apparently I wasn’t even home for the bad part. I got off the plane and my son had what looked like…POX all over his body. Head. Fingers. Feet. Legs. Arms. Chest. NOTHING was unpoxed.

Scared the shit out of me.

Of course he was apparently pox’d and bright red while I was gone, so I got the toned down version. Either way. I’m glad I’m home. If anyone else gets pox’d, it will be on my watch.


  1. Wow, that must have been crazy! Hope no one else breaks out :0(

  2. Just the name makes me shiver. Glad to see he’s on the mend.

  3. yeah apparently it wasn’t exactly fun times while I was gone.

    thanks for stopping by and being glad he’s on the mend. others aren’t so kind and have had their rude asses deleted 😉

  4. Hi Erin,
    Nice to meet you last week.
    I’m only bothering to correct you on this because my daughter’s name is Scarlett. The illness is Scarlet Fever, rather than Scarlett Fever.
    When your son is 16 and falls madly in love with my daughter, that will be Scarlett Fever.

  5. ROFL. Why THANKS Whitney! I shall correct it all now.

    FTIW I wanted to name my daughter Scarlett and my husband refused. Because he too, is an ass

  6. My oldest son came down with hand, foot and mouth disease when I was traveling once. I missed the worst of it, too. God, I felt horrible. He was not even a year old and it was my first business trip since he was born. Like I didn’t have enough guilt about that to begin with!!

    I hope your guy feels better soon!

  7. I got Scarlet Fever from an infected spider bite when I was 17, so I can wholly emphasize with your son. Poor little guy. It’s MISERABLE.
    But, once the antibiotics are started it gets SO MUCH BETTER. I really hope that he gets better very soon. And please don’t beat yourself up for being gone during the worst of it. It sucks, but being bummed about it is only going to make it worse. (in other words, I hope you get to feeling better about it too.)

  8. Oh blech Erin – I certainly hope he’s okay and glad he’s in good loving mommy hands right now.

  9. Aww! Poor little guy! Hope he’s better soon….

  10. Yuck! I had whooping cough earlier this year & a coworkers of mine is recovering from a bout of dysentery that he had to make a trip to the ER for – what is this, the Oregon Trail?! Hope your little guy’s doing OK.

  11. Hey! Just found your blog. Just read your comment that people are being rude on this post….I’m so sorry. That really sucks. I guess that’s what you get for choosing to be authentic no matter what. You wrote a post about what was on your mind one day. The next day you did the same and some folks want to seize upon your vulnerability to get back at you……ugh.
    I hope your son gets better soon and my girlfriend always says, ‘guilt is a wasted emotion’. I know it’s easier said than done, though….hang in there!

  12. Scarlet fever?! Yikes.

    He looks so despondent in that photo. Hope he is feeling better now.

  13. So sorry he went thru that… harder even as a Mom when you are out of town when the plague hits 🙁

    Never had Scarlet Fever here – either self or child. I can imagine it’s one of those “What?!?! They can still get that? What are all the dang shots for then!!?” situations!

    ((((hugs)))) to you both!

  14. I had scarlet fever when I was 15. It really wasn’t that bad except for the itchy rash and strawberry tongue!

  15. I am with Lucretia, I didn’t know that Scarlet Fever was still around. I hope that he feels better soon and that you let go of the mommy guilt. You are there for him now and that is all that matters – you are a wonderful mom.

  16. When my little one got scarlet fever my whole family accused me of LYING because, you know, that shiz is deadly.

    Now I’m seeing an outbreak in the blogosphere – I wonder what’s going on??

    Glad the worst is already over!

  17. Glad you little guy is one the mend. I FREAKED OUT when my then 2 yr old daughter awoke from a nap with that dreaded rash. Rushed her to hospital. Endured more than 10 attempts to insert an IV in her arm (all the while I had to physically lay on her to keep her still) and then an IV in her heel. My worst parenting experience (and scariest).

  18. OMG my little dude has scarlet fever, too. When the ER doc told us–quite casually, I might add–I thought I had been transported back to the 1870s. WTF?

    Thank you, daycare.

    The antibiotics are, are usual, having a magical effect. Best wishes to your son!

  19. Hailey had scarlet fever last week and today she came down with chicken pox. True story. In conclusion, my kid is beating your kid. Also, I don’t have a medical degree but I was here for all of the scarlet fever crap and did everything you’re supposed to do AND she’d even had the chicken pox vaccine so I can only conclude that having your mom hovering over you while you have scarlet fever *leads* to chicken pox so technically I think you did your kid a favor by being out of town.

    Please don’t delete me. This is a compliment, I swear.

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