Two Lines To Ruin My Day

It started with my son.

“Well Mom, girls make me kind of tingly.”

Then moved on to my daughter as we watched yet another Brooke Sheilds commercial.

“Mom, she’s prettier than us.”

And I died a bit inside.

Time for a walk


  1. “girls make me kind of tingly”….and so it begins.

  2. re: tingly — that’s one way of putting it! still, not crossing the line of sweet innocence… (that said, i dread the day like comes from the mouth of my babe.)

  3. I thought you were going to say you were preggers 🙂

  4. Sometimes I wish we lived lives where we didn’t have to worry so much about the stuff that happens to our kids during their teenage years. Away from the mind-eating media and over-sexualized behavior. But we are so, so immersed in all of it.

    I like my computer too much…

  5. You should be proud and happy on your son. I blame media for the second one (and it’s Brooke Shield’s, so I’m really worried about your daughter’s views of beauty. We’ll talk when I’m over next time).

  6. I jsut saw the title and thought you were gonna show a positive pregnancy test! LOL Though, this is almost just as bad. Good luck with all the “tingly” stuff and the “prettier” ideas.

  7. Oh… well the first one is growing up. But the second… I hope you told her “no way”! (hugs)


    and yeah, I had a talk with BOTH the kids

  9. My 4-year-old daughter once told me, “I’m not smart, I’m pretty.” I’m not sure I will ever recover from that one. We dialed the Disney princesses way back after that episode, let me tell you.

    Some of this stuff is no fun and presses ALL of my buttons.

  10. The good news: they felt comfortable enough to say these things out loud to you. The better news: you talked to each of them about what they said. They’ll do fine as long as you all keep talking.

  11. Oh, Brooke is prettier than all of us.

  12. Well, she’s pretty (Brooke) and talking about body image and pretty and all of that fun stuff that begins in adolescence is tough! But hopefully we all come out OK.

  13. You did get the special body image for girls books @blogher09 right? Or do I need to come deprogram you both?

  14. I am so scared of my daughter getting older. She can’t be a baby forever but I wish she could.

  15. Tarrant I did NOT get that book…or I can’t find it. And I was HORRIFIED she said that.

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