It’s Monday

It's that kind of day

There is a fire raging around us. We had fleas, a fly infestation, and this morning our office ceiling leaked on us.

I give up.


  1. I’ve seen children sleeping at the table or standing up in a corner but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one sleeping like that.

  2. My Monday morning kind of feels like that.

  3. The fire will kill the fleas and flies, and the water leak will then put out the fire.

    It’s all perception, right?? Or so I’ve heard.

  4. Is that a laptop in the picture? A Mac maybe? I want one of those so bad!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. I have been thinking about you all weekend my friend. I hope this week brings better things for all of you. I do LOVE this photo.

  6. Cookinggranny (Kathy) says:

    Get that leak fixed…pronto!!! Going thru hell trying to repair damage from a tarp my son NAILED into my roof with giant nails, thereby leaving a zillion holes in roof. $14,000 dollars later, no leaks but the mold it caused will cost another $6,000. Get that leak fixed!!! Don’t you feel better now?

  7. Hope you stay safe.
    Is that a sleeping child or a child practicing yoga!!!!!!

  8. Stesha that’s our big 17 inch pink Dell my husband uses for gaming. I have a mac from work. We have it all at our house!

    and she was being silly, not sleeping.

  9. Try not to catch on fire. I would be sad.

  10. I love this photo!

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