Up Up and Away

The 6-year old ‘BallonBoy’ everyone is talking about? Yeah…that made me throw up.

Literally. I heard, saw, turned off the tv, and vomited.

Granted I have gastroparesis and this is not a hard thing to make me do…but the thought of that child, just like my own inquisitive 6-year old, in that balloon had me an emotional disaster to the point of physical illness.

While they iron out all the details, I’m overjoyed this boy is safe and sound and will save my wrath once the verdict is in on this incident. In the meantime…I think I need to tone it down a notch.

Control my emotions? Maybe?

Not surprisingly I get this way over anything I love or am passionate about. I work myself up to the point of physical symptoms. Probably not healthy. However don’t ever doubt how I feel. I will show you with hand wringing, and lack of self control.

I will cry as I explain why I feel health care reform is so very important. I will yell and gesture wildly as I defend the President. I will vomit when a boy, just like my own, goes missing.

Passion is an amazing thing when channeled properly. And a very messy one when left unchecked.

Checking myself.


  1. tragic news stories about kids do this to me everytime.

  2. I’ve been praised recently as a passionate person, for much the same reasons and examples you give.

    I’d like to have a little more control on it, too. It’s exhausting, for one thing.

  3. I agree! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. How about the video clip with the baby in stroller that blew off the train platform and onto the tracks just before the train came into the station. Baby was okay, but the horrifying reaction by the mother was enough to make you sick.

  5. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that is affected by life this way. It just means that we are very compassionate people. I wish there were more like us!

    Stumbled on to your blog by way of the recent article from California…

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