The Patriarchy Is To Blame For My Stomach Issues

I’m self-diagnosing again. Well, because WebMD exists and that’s just what a neurotic woman does.

I’ve been feeling a bit crummy again, not a full relapse of symptoms but I’m certainly not jogging a 5k like some people in my house. I’ve had to stop one of the medications that was really making a difference in my health due to it’s side effects. Since then I’ve been nauseated and generally bleh.

But as I’ve tried to find other ways to feel better…I discovered something utterly amazing about myself.

I haven’t stopped sucking in my stomach for 20 years.

I’ve now decided this is the cause of all my gastro issues.

Think I’m crazy? Think maybe I should check with my doctor? …do me a favor. Relax your stomach RIGHT NOW. Try it. See if you are sucking it in and not even noticing. Turns out I’ve been sucking in the old gut while standing, sitting, making dinner, playing Memory with the kids…to the point where I have to consciously REMIND myself to NOT suck it in and even then it’s a physical pain to literally PUSH my gut back out.

I don’t even REALIZE I am doing it. So in my warped head, sucking in your gut for 20 years HAS to cause issues…right? No wonder my stomach muscles don’t work… they are TIRED. Tired. Tired. Tired.

And I blame the Patriarchy.


  1. I did it, I pushed my gut all the way out.

    My computer fell off my lap.

    I too blame the Patriarchy and specifically Glenn Beck because it can’t possibly be the cheesecake and the nachos and I really can’t stand Glenn!

  2. This is a lightbulb moment, and it really does make So. Much. Sense.

    It all comes down to breathing right? “In and out…don’t forget to breathe!”…My grandmother always yelled at me.

  3. Is the patriarchy why I also suck my stomach in and worry about how my gut looks when wearing a seatbelt? It’s probably because I eat poorly and don’t exercise. No problems yet…

  4. Michael @badassdadblog says:

    Uh, sorry, no.

    Increased abdominal pressure actually IMPROVES digestion, not the opposite. Also, those muscles holding in your organs are part of what’s keeping you upright. Let your gut hang out and start counting the minutes till back pain sets in since you’ll be shifting the burden to your low back.

    I’m all for letting go of unrealistic body image expectations, but letting your gut hang out isn’t going to solve anything. Plus, you won’t look at hot. 😛

  5. I have gastro issues and if I could solve them by simply not sucking in my gut I would pay you a million bucks….but alas they remain.

    but I do agree we do have to look at why we suck in the gut, yeah it is for good posture but more so I can fit into them jeans and look hot.

  6. I thought this was a liberal web site… isnt it then George Bush’s fault?
    He will be blamed for things for at least 20 more years… well after 0bama has driven the country into the mud.

  7. It is all about the six pack abs. 😉

  8. Aw man, feel better! I too struggle with gastro issues – (and sucking in of the gut) – found that if I don’t eat soy products it is much better, maybe give it a try – soy really is hard to digest, hope this could possible help?

  9. I do the same thing, but I got tummy issues myself. And my mom has the same diagnosis you have. My only real relief is exercise. The high intensity stuff like Tae Bo or running, makes me better for hours…but I’m still sucking my gut in bc I think I’ve just been doing it my entire life.

  10. I came over here from Jessica G’s post last night and found this one as well, I was wondering if you had solved your GI issues. Looks like not. 🙁 I also had those and I’ve found it’s all my diet. Went on a clear liquid diet for a few days and then moved on to veggies, rice, and fish…. and that’s about all I can tolerate. Oh, and cookies, thank god. Basically everything bothers me, soy, diary, onions, garlic, crazy stuff. Sucks. But I’m also not bleeding and having an upset tummy every day. Just a thought 🙂 You may have already covered this in past blogs, I just haven’t seen them!

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