Happy Holidays…guess what MOM wants for Christmas?


  1. Earplugs?

  2. Turns out that Goldie, who is almost completely deaf, CAN hear this.

    At the 29 second mark, I was thinking “This has got to be almost over, right?”

  3. Feel my pain.

  4. Holy crap woman… just a minute of that made me want to rip my ears off.

    Also yours and Aaron’s freaking mini-me’s. WOW.

  5. earplugs, then earmuffs over them, right? still cute as hell, though.

  6. I’m guessing you want… A RECORDING CONTRACT!!!

  7. I swear to you, my dog woke from a dead sleep, ran over to the computer, and started howling when I turned this on.

  8. Um, do you want me to fly down and teach him how to play at least like, ONE MORE NOTE on the recorder?!

  9. You want a roaring bonfire for the recorder. Me too.

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