DC Loves Me…

Well, at least it likes me a little.

I just got back from the White House, and I’m exhausted. I’d appreciate you reading all about it over here on BlogHer.

It was important. And there are things I’d love to hear your personal take on… so please.. .Click. There are serious economic issues facing our country and you need to be a part of the discussion.

With that said…

Also while there I *might* have worn Team Canada gloves into the West Wing (my love for Stevie Yzerman knows no bounds) and I *might* have participated in a rather odd version of Ash Wednesday.


  1. Here is the problem. It’s computers, software and the internet (small “i”). All the rest of the stuff you read relating to the ills of economy is so much crap. The fact is, the internet takes away jobs and doesn’t replace them. Take banks. Used to be there was a bank on every corner with people inside to help you. Most of those banks have been replaced by ATMs. Take retail. It’s so much cheaper to buy online. That’s why malls are dying. Soon everything will be automates and you will be irrelevant (exceept for a few geeks to do techie maintenance).

    You should have told the dewwbs at the White House to “Save human jobs! Blow up a network.” But that would have gotten you a body cavity search by the Secret Service, right?

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  2. Blame the INTERNET? Really?

    lol. what about the innovation and tech jobs it creates? What about the platform it gives you right now to exercise your free speech and for me to even get to go sit in a room and tell them ANYTHING?

    And obviously you just hate Al Gore and his series of tubes /sarcasm

  3. So do you actually HAVE a pair of gloves? I can send you a pair.
    .-= Wandering Through Wonderland´s last blog ..Dick Assman =-.

  4. Thanks, @sassymonkey sent me some and I wore them 😉

  5. I have yet to see any good come from the stimulus package in my neighborhood. Within the past month, 4 of my neighbors have lost their jobs. That doesn’t count the dozen that are still unemployed. But, I believe the stimulus package will do some good. What I am disappointed in is the bail outs.

    Here are my question (accompanied by a few anecdotes).
    Why did they bail out the big banks? I understand the reasoning behind it, yet the backlash has been huge. For example, my uncle, a very smart and frugal businessman, decided to expand his small, local company right before the crash. He bought another company and BAM! the crash occurred. Now, he is about to lose his business because HE CAN’T GET A LOAN!! The whole purpose, I thought, behind the bail out money was to increase loans to the small people. It seems that they are now so focused on getting rid of the government money with all its stipulations (that I agreed with) that they are kicking the small business owners to the dust. Again.

    The bail outs, with their good intentions, seemed to have hurt the small business owners more than ever.

  6. Shoot, I meant “is” not “are” in the question.
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