Glenn Beck Mocks Malia Obama – Because He’s Evil

**update #2- Glenn Beck has issued an apology. See that… that’s a Mamma Grizzly at work.

There’s nothing that gets my ‘Mamma Grizzly’ paws up quicker than an attack on a child.

Glenn Beck, the man who speaks at Liberty University, the man who calls himself a good man of God, the man who many in my own family think is ‘awesome’ … mocked the 11-year old daughter of the President.

Obama remarked yesterday during his press conference that Malia asked him of the Gulf oil spill: “Did you Plug The Hole Yet, Daddy?” Beck, taking off on this, mockingly affected Malia’s voice, asking “Daddy” why he “hates black people so much.” Then Beck attacked Malia’s intelligence, saying: “That’s the level of their education, that they’re coming to – they’re coming to daddy and saying ‘Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?’ ”
This routine continued for several minutes, as Beck and his co-hosts touched on a variety of topics and laughed the entire time, all of it at the expense of an 11-year-old girl.

That’s right, Mr. Family Values, Mr. don’t pick on Sarah Palin’s kids, etc. etc. etc. made fun of an 11-year old girl.

I’d like to see Mrs. Mamma Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin, tell Beck he’s out of line. I’d like to see all those Right-Wingers who think Beck is just so great to see him for what he really is… an evil ratings whore.

You want to see the might and power of these women and mother’s Palin keeps talking about (as though she just discovered them, even though we were around to defeat her during the election)? Demand an apology from Beck. Either he practices what he preaches or he doesn’t.

Obviously this man is as Christian as Palin is a feminist.

*update – we are tweeting @GlennBeck and demanding he apologize to Malia. Join us.


  1. You know, I’m generally forgiving of folks with dissenting opinions, but Glenn Beck is an honest-to-goodness nasty little piece of sh*t.

    I used to work for a guy like him; it was so bad I clawed my face in my sleep. I feel bad for his staff.
    .-= Margaret Crymes´s last blog ..In Which I Take a Revenge Piss =-.

  2. He’s a miserable excuse for a human being. I have learned to ignore most of the hateful smoke he blows on a daily basis, but going after an 11 year old girl? Deplorable, even for a dirtbag like him. Shame on him.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..My first "You Capture"–Sky =-.

  3. Nice. What a douchebag.
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..Love the Gulf =-.

  4. That’s absolutely disgusting. What an ass.
    .-= Erin W. / Beatnik Momma´s last blog ..She’s Growing So Fast =-.

  5. It’s no surprise that Glenn Beck is a hypocrite. Palin won’t ask him to apologize any more than she asked Rush to apologize for using the “R” word after she vilified Rahm Emmanuel for using it. Glenn Beck’s all about the money and the ratings, just like Rush, just like Sarah. Palin doesn’t give a crap about politics or social injustice any more than she cares about raping the Tundra or killing polar bears. Money talks, and the more radical words these people spout, the more money they make. It sickens me.

    I’ll join you in tweeting him for an apology. I harbor a deep suspicion that he will not, and I hope my suspicion is wrong. It would be the only decent thing for him to do. Let’s see if he’s capable of surprising me.
    .-= Barnmaven´s last blog ..They don’t slow down =-.

  6. I used to work for a man that I called Satan, but he has been demoted to one step lower than Beck. He wore a Marriage Encounter polo shirt every single day, as he felt up and harrassed his female employees. He and Glen beck slithered from the same swamp..

  7. I want him to surprise us. He and Palin have been very outspoken about leaving the families alone. Let’s see if they practice what they preach. So far, it seems the do not.

  8. Really, we need to just use Beck to plug up that hole. That will solve so many problems at once. What a miserable excuse for a person and a “Christian.”
    .-= Jill @BabyRabies´s last blog ..Out of the mouth of my babe =-.

  9. No surprise that they don’t practice what they preach. How could they possibly live up to the standards they demand of others? Hypocritical a-holes.
    .-= patois´s last blog ..Crazy Hair Day =-.

  10. Juju Cooper says:

    Why are we surprised when the “so-called Christian right” behaves in a non-Christian, hypocritical way? They AREN’T Christian & they are HYPOCRITES! Remember that. There message needs to be sidelined but the only ones that can do it are the REAL Christians and they won’t because attacking would be, well, nonChristian.

    Beck is just a nasty little turd. You know it. I know it. We all know it. We shouldn’t be surprised that he stinks!

  11. Juju Cooper says:

    Just realized that I should have said Their instead of There. That’s going to annoy me forever. Argh! If anyone can change that please do, otherwise sorry, I really do know how to spell…Really

  12. Hey Jen says:

    Umm, that’s the most crap ass apology I’ve ever seen.

  13. While an apology is the right thing to do in this case, it’s too easy these days for a figure like Beck to make comments then simply apologize. It seems like quite the popular tactic these days: say something stupid then apologize. It’s quite sad how often this happens. Advertisers need to step up and pull money from these nasty chumps.

  14. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit…he DID apologize. . It was the right thing to do. He’s still a media whore, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was staged just to get people to tune in. People love scandals, and thus the advertisers profit.
    .-= Barnmaven´s last blog ..They don’t slow down =-.

  15. Please Mr Beck you have stepped over the line with a little girl. yu shpuld never ridacule a small child, your a parent who wouldn’t want anyone to speack ill of one of your children. this is the reason I no longer listen to you on radio or on the FIX network. you are a very sick and I believe insane man..

  16. Yesterday I went on a slight rampage of so-called journalists. Still on that rampage, it is time to hit up Beck and the likes of him. Deplorable. End of story.
    .-= Corina´s last blog ..Hard Day on the Merry-Go-Round =-.

  17. Not much of an apology, if you ask me. He needed to say it directly to her, and the Obama family. That’s who he mocked; that’s who he should be humble toward. But just a general sort of “oops, I said I wouldn’t do that and I did” wouldn’t be good enough from my kid and it’s not good enough from Beck.
    .-= Karoli´s last blog ..7 suggestions to President Obama on the Great Gulf Oil and PR disaster =-.

  18. There are NO WORDS for how evil this man is. Doesn’t he give a thought to what he says? He is a shame to ALL good Mormons, as is the EVIL Russell Pearce in Arizona. Please, people. WAKE UP. So many people have gone just insane to think he speaks ANY kind of helpful truth. If I believed in demons, he and Karl Rove would be on the list.
    I don’t live in a fishing area. I pity the ocean animals, more. They didn’t ask for this. Those who vote for laissez-faire government DID cast a vote for this possibility. Now STOP being babies and wake up and smell the crude.

  19. You know, Karoli has a point. He should have made a direct apology to Malia, not the half-way apology that was more geared toward listeners/viewers, which I’m pretty sure she isn’t.
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..I Love My Gulf and Want it Back =-.

  20. Can you even imagine the outrage of the right-wing if someone had smacked one of their kids? Let’s see if anyone on Faux News even mentions it. That’s will be a cold day in hell. Although, I’m going to tweet O’Reilly to put Beck on his “pinhead” list.

  21. Crystal says:

    Speaking before thinking happens. I do it, you do it, we all do it. What I believe, however, is that when you are in a public position — journalist, blogger, show host — part of your job is to always consider before you speak. Issuing an off-the-rack apology when you have utterly failed to do your job, no matter what that failure is, indicates your incompetence.

    And so, to Mr. Beck I say this: do your job. Do it properly. Consider the Truth, and respect your audience enough to employ only Truth. Consider decency, and respect your audience enough to act decent before them. And if you fail in this, apologize — truly, humbly, and with remorse. “I should have known better” is obvious. How about a sincere attempt to focus yourself on the job and CONSIDER before you SPEAK in the future.

    His viewership has dwindled in the past weeks, and he isn’t addressing why. He’s only continuing to make the same mistakes. Many people aren’t even waiting around for his apologies any longer. They’re gone. He’s broken their trust too often.
    .-= Crystal ´s last blog ..Tech support people love me. Maybe. =-.

  22. Barbara says:

    Contact Fox News

  23. Thank you, Barbara. I’ve slightly rewritten my comment above, turning it into a letter that has been copied to Fox’s news manager, Mr. Beck, the Austin American-Statesman (local city) and my hometown newspaper.

    May common sense dignify our airwaves once again.
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Tech support people love me. Maybe. =-.

  24. dutch163 says:

    I think the posters who called him evil have it right..that is it
    he is evil..he is not a decent human being…he certainly does not add anything positive or helpful to the problems we face..
    and I saw his was a rather “qualified apolpgy”
    I find him repulsive and wish there were a way to get him off the air

  25. art belton says:

    a sorry move to attack someone using their children.

  26. Alan Wallach says:

    Let us not forget that Beck is also playing racist games in this clip. Which is worse: mocking a child or projecting his racism onto Obama (as he has done many times before)? Clearly there is no low to which he will not sink. And not to forget: he’s taking his usual audience with him–an audience that takes this wacko seriously!

  27. Crystal Said on May 28, 2010 at 3:33 pm:
    “”His viewership has dwindled in the past weeks, and he isn’t addressing why. He’s only continuing to make the same mistakes. Many people aren’t even waiting around for his apologies any longer. They’re gone. He’s broken their trust too often.””

    Actually, his viewership has not dwindled. Beck still has over 2,000,000 viewers per show. In fact, he has more viewers per show than CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and HLN combined during that time period.

    Not endorsing Beck, just stating the facts.

  28. Attacking a young child of any age is an abhorrence!!!
    For all of those so called Christians like Beck just remember, regardless of their reasons God will see to it that they “reap what they sow!”

  29. Pamela Lusk says:

    Glenn Beck has done everything but rode into FOX NEWS with a white sheet on his head, not that he needs to the fact that days ago he blasted that kids are off limits protecting Sarah Palin, then mocks Malia Obama clarly shows who & what he is. Sarah Palin won’t condem it had itbeen her handicap child she would be on every mountain top protesting. They say that they are Christians but trust me when they stand before the King they both will hear Christ say “DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU” It’s sad that people still hate because of the person color, even worse to hate a child.

  30. First of all, Beck is not a Christian, he is a Mormon cultist who worships a mortal by the name of Joseph Smith, a 19th century polygamist who wrote a book of lies he says that he transcribed from golden plates that angels told him where to find on a hillside in New York. He did this while burying his head in a hat and using a magical stone to guide him. Give me a break. Do you actually expect to get anything but hogwash from an idiot that can get coned by a religion like this? Mormon men believe that they are next in line for God hood. Beck is an idiot.

  31. Frances says:

    I don’t understand why people are asking for an apology. His apology are empty words. Do you actually think the apology would be sincere? I don’t want a fake apology. In my opinion Beck is a racist and people should just accept that and move on. I don’t view his show, but everytime he speaks, he tells you who he is and the little mock show that he and the other devils put on was not only pitiful and pathetic, it wasn’t even funny. Furthermore, people should ask themselves, why would someone make a mockery of a disaster that is adversely affecting this world. His mockery tells you who he is.

  32. I personally don’t give a hoot about beck or palin either one ,they aren’t anytjing but a big bag of wind going around talking all this fool talk and got people that need the very help they are so against cutting their own throats. They don’t want government in their business but I haven’t seen or heard of one of them refusing their s/s check and sending it back nor one of them not taking their medicare benefits .that is stupid listening to them they don’t care anything about the people that is listening to them ! How many of them have either one paid their medical bills or given anything to them to help ? SHAME SHAME on the whole bunch of them

  33. Mr. Beck’s “apology” is no apology. First, what he did is not a “stupid mistake.” That’s like a burgler saying “Sorry, I broke into your house. It was a simple mistake.” A mistake is not returning a library book; this was a premeditated, intentional attack on a 12-year-old. That is a major sin.
    Second, Mr. Beck he used his “apology” to slam President Obama.
    Third, Mr. Beck, basically said that the President a racist. Mr. Beck, speaking as Malia, pretended that she asked her father, “Why do you hate black people?” Beck’s sidekick answered “Because I’m half white.” Where is the apology to the President for that?
    Fourth when speaking as Malia, he used a lisping voice in an accent that I assume he meant to sound “black..” He sounded as if he were auditioning for L’il Black Sambo in a minstrel show. One must listen to his rant to get the flavor, but it was an insult to Blacks eveywhere and offensive in the extreme.
    Finally, Mr Beck’s audience of fellow haters don’t need an apology. Any apology should be a written apology to the President and Mrs. Obama; they are the ones hurt. Normally, I would say that the child deserves a written apology, but I pray that she knows nothing about this (Please, God, let it be so).
    Where is the apology from the sidekick?
    .-= pb31´s last blog ..By: JAMES CANNON =-.

  34. Cathy Corcoran says:

    The take-off by Glen Beck is one of the nastiest, insensitive, repulsive peice I have heard by this ignorant creature!! He has completely lost any traces of humanity and dignity in his tirades in the media. It is scary to think that people actually follow him and Pallin and give them attention when they are tearing apart any respect we have for one another in this country. I used to pray for people like that but feel they are putting themselves with the devil and deserve to end up where they are headed!

  35. Ali B. N says:

    WAW! Now I know why CNN had to let him go. Glenn is the most Racist, Republicn ever alive. He acked like he has no children and guess what the silence of all the those who support him and FoxNews is approval of what he said about this beautiful innocent Malia. I bet Malia can home school Glenn’s children. Children should at any point be used on anyone’s talk show especially for rating purposes. Any matured, caring and family centered person will protect everyone’s child. Glenn Beck proved that he only cares about his own. Fatherhood means Responsibility. Glenn Beck, You are not a Father but an opportunist.

  36. Glenn Beck should be shunned he is a racist trouble maker that makes Rush look half descent? Beck diffently should be drug tested what a waste!!

  37. Yeah, where is Palin? Why doesn’t she come out and say that Beck needs to apologize? And where is she now ? How is that drill baby drill thingy working out for ya? Gosh darn. All of the right wing tea party crowd are a bunch of hypocrites – sickening.

  38. Glad to be a true Christian says:

    Glen Beck is a disgusting human being. He does not deserve what God has allowed him to acccomplish. What a sorry excuse of an example for youths to follow. But lately with the tea partyers, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, John McCain, Sarah Palin and others, no wonder the United States is crumbling in moral and Christian values.

  39. Please this should be a wake up call people. As long as Glen Beck works for FOX, boycot both FOX and anyone who advertises with them!

  40. Dale Linda Dunn says:

    *** Edited by website owner – we don’t talk about people killing here… take take that elsewhere***

    !!! He is nothing but garbage!!! Why is he still on the radio & TV??? Can’t the networks he’s on find decent ways to get their ratings??? Malia Obama is a sweet, smart, beautiful young girl who is loved by her wonderful parents and everyone who knows her & will have a fabulous life. What kind of lives will beck’s kids have being raised by that moronic piece of crap??? before he screws up his kids any more than they already are!!! He is an evil racist, hypocrite, & a blubber-faced screw-ball. He has no idea what he’s talking about or writing about on his stupid chalk board. It’s insane that he actually gets paid for what he does!!! There is no need whatsoever for that evil idiotic monster to be on this earth!!! I
    all say Good Riddens!!!

  41. tom gordon says:


  42. Gillian says:

    Has everyone losy their minds? Glenn Beck merely imitated a little girl’s VOICE for goodness’ sake–he did not “attack” her. Don’t become so partisan over the small things! Where is the “attack”? Beck was repeating what is already “out there” in the media, which is what the child actually said about “plugging the hole” — which was reported to the nation by our president. Beck merely repeated what she said, trying to make a point. And his comment about “hating black people” was merely a reminder of what MANY people said about Pres. Bush after Katrina happened. LET’S TAKE THINGS IN CONTEXT, PEOPLE, for what they truly mean, not for some imagined slight against someone!

  43. wonder where everybody was when they were talking about palin’s kids? Where is the outrage from those attacks? none, that’s where. Life is hard and nobody promised us or BO/palin’s kids any slack apparently.

  44. Anthony says:

    Beck is the best. King Obama needs to grow up and stop crying like Hitler.

  45. Typical crying liberals..get over it, daddy didnt plug the hole, he cant.
    That white house will need to be heavily chloroxed before the next real president is elected,

  46. Judith Hammond says:

    All of Glenn Becks sponsers should be listed and then boycotted. He has gone too far with his insanity and someone is going to get seriously hurt. He has a wife and children and they stand behind him?? Family values?? American Values// I Don’t think so–Protect our children, not exploit them, and Sara, where are you now to denounce this insane man??

  47. tasteetee says:

    Beck and groupies kill me they pretend to like the Pres.,but don’t agree wit his political values,which is fine.but to mock an 11 yr.old is ludicrous.if anything teen pregnancy (palin’s trampy daughter ) and bush’s raggedy brats (alcoholics&druggies) needs to come light and show our young adolescents what not to do or should I say become.Beck is a coward just keep it real and come out in your white mask and cape!!”

  48. I love how the Beck defenders think we take stuff ‘out of context’ … did you listen to the whole clip? He didn’t just talk about the plugging the hole comment. He mocked her education and had some real nice racist overtones.

    Quit trying to rewrite history there Beck defenders… he said it, and then he apologized for it. And feel free to google the Palin kid stuff… and you’ll see many feminist and liberal sites asking the kids be left out.

    Facts are a bitch, aren’t they?

  49. King of Scotland says:

    I have a few things to say, yes he did say something he shouldn’t, and he appologized for it. That should be the end of it, but no its not because people have nothing better to do than to point out everyone else’s faults and mistakes to make themselves feel better. And to a few of you making a few bad taste comments in a bad joke stands nowhere near bringing out flaws just to hurt the people they are about and their families is totally different. The comment about her education was not just directed at her but the entirety of the United States school system and how lax it is. The fact that we have to go and find the truth for ourselves (I am a student and no i will not say my age because i will be dismissed because of it) is completely sad. But it is nice because i’m not being told what to know and not what to believe. And also to those who think the government is the answer to everyone’s problems i can assure you it isn’t because if you look and i mean truly look you will find that when the government steps in it creates many more than a.k.a. social security which will end up bringing this country to its knees because of massive debt. If people are not wise enough and do not have the foresight to save for the future then they should have to work for the rest of their lives. And no it was not racist if a black man said the same comments it would not be racist but a major question than needed an answer but no because he is white it is racist. It is amazing the double standard that white people are subjected to… Any ways to get back to the point one thing i see over and over is that he should be taken off air but guess what that would be an infringement of his first amendment that we all have.When people have to look to the government for answers it is because either they are too scared to make the change themselves or that they will look stupid after they do so. They use the government as an escape goat to blame anything and everything on. Why doesn’t Sarah Palin come out and denounce Glen Beck, it is not because she is scared it is because she doesn’t believe she needs to because what he said was not that big of a deal. And sorry to disappoint you but no his viewing has not dwindled.

  50. hahaURwhite! says:

    I really think he wants to commit suicide by way of angry mob of mothers ….
    Would be cool to watch.

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