Tiny Liberal Women Pledge Allegiance Too

Considering the hilarious flack the League of Women Voters is taking over actually wanting to follow agreed upon debate procedure, I thought I would clear my family’s name in all this:

There. That should put to rest the idea that we liberal women are the downfall of all good patriots everywhere. Or something.

And by the way, the League of Women Voters = patriots. I think their track record speaks for itself.


  1. Adorable! My god, those eyes.

    Speaking of God and eyes, Tacy got the evil eye from her teacher last year when she mouthed the words “under God” instead of saying them.
    .-= Julie @ The Mom Slant´s last blog ..Don’t hold back =-.

  2. I once refused to stand for the pledge in 8th grade due to ‘under god’ … oooh to be young and Emo

  3. Why, oh why would a teacher give a child the “evil eye” for “mouthing ‘under god?’?”

    Every time I hear ‘teacher stories’ like this, I want to weep in frustration.

    .-= Kimberli´s last blog ..Hebrew School =-.

  4. I go silent during the “under god” part and pick up right after with “indivisible…” My son just says the whole thing all the way through. I’m fine with that. 🙂

    Time enough to learn about Joe McCarthy.
    .-= Cynematic´s last blog ..Crime-fighting by day- sleeping cozily under the covers by night kidchat =-.

  5. Sigh. Sometimes you just can’t win. If she had enthusiastically joined in the pledge, she may have faced criticism from the same folks for not following debate procedure.

    Also, your daughter reciting the pledge is just adorable!

  6. She’s absolutely adorable!

    And the message – powerful.
    .-= Bryony Boxer´s last blog ..Being Pregnant- 10 Things I Loved- 10 Things I Hated =-.

  7. America has its traditions and pageantry, which includes the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of a school day for many kids. At our sporting events or Olympic Gold Medal presentations, there seems little objection to our National Anthem when we win or anybody else’s National Anthem when they win, though the two guys in Mexico City’s 1968 Olympics who challenged that with raised fists took some slack for that.

    While people can believe what they want pretty much anywhere, America is one of the few places where you can express what you believe with the law of the land protecting that freedom. If you wish to be an atheist, go right ahead. Skip the part of the Pledge about God, which was a later insert, anyway. Taking the coins out of a Unicef carton and defacing them to say “In xxx We Trust” before submitting them for their charitable purpose is probably not what the Founders had in mind.

    Since I like to quote Sages, there is an often taught piece of wisdom that I used for one of my teen classes on the Jewish view of civility. It goes : im ain derech eretz, ain Torah,’ or if there is no courtesy toward people first it is not possible to benefit from the insights of the sacred scriptures. John Carlos and Tommy Smith, the medal winners in Mexico City, had other forums to display their militancy. If the crowd is standing for the national anthem or pledge of allegiance, then stand with everyone else, even if you are not a citizen. If you are an atheist who objects to God on the coins, then give some of those coins to charitable collections of things that you would like to advance.

    Cute daughter. I think she’s getting the hang of what makes America the place everybody else wants to come to if they can.
    .-= furrydoc´s last blog ..Sanctuary Ennui =-.


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