Tangled Mornings

There is just something about the tiny things that make me love so hard it hurts. One of them? When I watch my husband brush my daughter’s hair.


He’s just doing what we do every morning. Shuffling between the chaos and routine of getting ready for school, I grab my camera because we all have those moments. The ones where you stop and look around and see the man you love, carefully and almost with a bit of fright, trying to untangle the mess left by a night spent with too many teddy bears and puppies.

It’s so simple really, and so wonderful.

But there is something about that Dad-Daughter bond that I watch with my husband and little one, and I have with my father. It really is special and one-of-a-kind. The trust. The love. And just the way she patiently lets her Daddy brush and comb, a task that would have garnered shrieks had I been the one getting her ready.

I know their relationship will change. They will argue, they will be close and then not-so-close. And over time they will tangle and untangle and I will remember mornings. And brushes. And combs. And the loving hand of Dad.


  1. I love this picture of the two of them.
    … And you know it’s the #1 Daddy’s Girl rule. Daddy’s can get away with anything Mommy’s can’t.

    *hugs to all of you*
    .-= Sprite´s last blog ..Political Reform- Blonde Style =-.

  2. I never had that kind of relationship with my dad. And now I don’t have a daughter to get my second chance. But it’s lovely to hear stories like this simple one. The photo is great moment in time that tells so much more than the simple act you captured. She’s a lucky little girl.

  3. Such a simple thing, but it effected me. I did not have that with my dad. He was too much of a “man” to brush hair. And I don’t have a daughter. My hubby would be that kind of dad. Beautiful.
    .-= Jenni Williams´s last blog ..Converstations in the Van =-.

  4. I’m with Ilina.

    LOVE your stories. I can feel the love.

  5. That is beyond adorable.
    .-= nichole´s last blog ..The scale fails to encourage Perry Mason =-.

  6. Beautiful. I know my husband hopes for moments like that with our soon-to-arrive daughter.
    .-= wm´s last blog ..last farmshare pickup =-.

  7. This post touched my heart so much that I am going to email it to my daddy.

  8. Seeing posts like these give me hope for the family, hope that our sons & daughters will grow up to be whole people thanks to having 2 involved parents caring for them. Thank you Erin for so generously sharing slices of your life with us:)
    .-= geekbabe´s last blog ..Using Motivational Quotes to reach Twitter Followers =-.


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