I Vant To Suck Your Blood

Every three weeks for the rest of my life I’m going to sit down in a recliner for three days in a row and have good blood pumped into my sick body.

It’s called IVIG and it’s going to help me live a normal life. That’s the plan anyway.

With recent tornadoes and tragedies, not to mention every day accidents like car crashes…it got me to thinking just how important blood donations can be. You see, that IVIG stuff up there is pretty much good blood. Good plasma. Good immunoglobulin so I can take my kids to school, plant flowers in my garden, cook dinner, and kiss my husband. It means I can fight with conservatives and write blog posts and take my kids to the park.

My butterfly gnome in my jasmine

But I have to count on other people in order to get the treatment I need. I need good healthy people like you to donate blood. Donate plasma. Donate the healthy red stuff you have flowing through you that I lack.

I know many of you have been asking how you can help. This is an easy way to help me and millions of others who may need blood.

I even made it easy for you. Click here to find out where you can donate near you and look… you can even make an appointment!

Thank you.


  1. oh, how i wish i could donate. i’ve tried, and failed, to do it. i pass out every time.

  2. We have two hot blooded big men who can donate without passing out, unlike me who they have to “manage” so much they tell me not to come back anymore. I will promise you the men will get their hot blooded selves over to the Red Cross toot sweet for you Erin. And my daily prayers include you even though we’ve never met. You’re a Motown Mama and that’s good enough for me to be your forever friend and supporter.
    And don’t forget, listen to “FEEL GOOD” every day and “i hope you dance”

  3. Shelley says:

    I follow you on twitter @ndakotanative. I am so impresed with your perseverance. Never have I seen a “poor pitiful me” and you kept your sense of humor. Such and inspiration for others and your children. So keep fighting those conservatives. I am only living Democrat in North Dakota..it’s a lonely battle here. God bless.

  4. I have turned into a pretty enthusiastic donor over the last few years…nothing encourages people to give more than being able to put a face with the donation…it’s fairly fast, pretty much pain free and provides something that lots of people desperately need….I’ll think of you next time I roll up my sleeve 🙂 Thanks for posting this and I sincerely hope this treatment is going to be what gets you back to yourself!

  5. I’ll share this. There’s a lot of giving people out there…thanks for making it easy =]

  6. I will do this and share it with my FB and Twitter followers too.

  7. You might already have my hard working, conservative blood in your veins. It is nice to have a real person in mind while I get the free ice cream and tshirt.

  8. Fogspinner says:

    Hey and while she’s asking for your blood, fill out your organ donor card. In the event of an accident, you could help someone like me live a normal life too!

    Once upon a time I could give blood, they don’t let me now. You can (at least in our area) donate in a persons name too, even if your type doesn’t match. We did that after my dads car accident to “repay” his blood bank debt.

  9. The blood people love me – I’m a universal donor. Every eight weeks I get the call.

  10. Carol Lynn Nabozny says:

    I can’t donate because of anemia, but my hubby donates at every church blood drive and sometimes more than that. So we’ll keep up the blood supply here in Michigan for you, whether or not you visit!

  11. I know my superior Canadian blood won’t make it’s way to you, but I do donate regularly, and I did share your post on The Twitta. Once upon a time, IVIG saved Dylan’s life too.

  12. Once upon a time, about two and a half years ago, I nearly bled out after giving birth to my daughter. 9 units of blood made the difference between me being here and me not being here.

    A little over two years ago, an organ donor saved the life of a woman who inspires me daily, two lungs later and a lot of hard recovery work, and she’s doing amazingly well.

    Almost a year ago, her son, my children’s godfather very nearly succumbed to end stage lung disease, but on a beautiful day in mid-September another donor saved his life. the man who couldn’t carry his three year old daughter now hefts her almost four year old self like she’s a feather.

    My point is donating — blood, organs, etc., — saves lives. Erin, me, our family friends –our lives have all been changed forever by generous donors. So, thank you from me for donating for Erin.

  13. If the federal government would allow gay men to donate, I’d be there in a flash. I was an 8 gallon donor before I came out in my mid 50s. I’m HIV negative, never had sex with anyone who is HIV+, am in a monogamous relationship, there are effective tests to screen for HIV for donors – but – because I am “a man who has had sex with another man, even once, since 1978”, they can’t take my blood. Wish I could help you and the countless others who could benefit.

  14. I used to be an avid blood donor. For my 17th birthday, I held a blood drive in lieu of presents. I asked that blood donations be given in honor of my stepfather. For my 18th birthday, I donated platelets.
    It’s killing me that I can’t donate blood right now because of my heart condition. I’d like to think that somehow, it was my blood helping you. But I’ll just have to send my mom in my place.
    I hope the IVIG continues to let you live your ‘normal’ life.

  15. Hey! Did you know I was a universal donor? I found out the last/first time that I donated. I figured that I would either donate or they would jump me in the parking lot at work and drain me.

    I wonder if I can donate directly TO YOU. You know I’m going to go and ask, right? And if you know…tell me ’cause I will. I will go back to taking iron tabs FOR YOU, ERIN. And if you’ve ever taken an iron tablet, that’s love.

  16. Donated blood has saved both my boys lives at various times. Consequently, both my husband and I are universal donors. We donate every 8 weeks like clock work. The nurse even saves me the good cookies on the days I come in. My Canadian blood won’t help you but it’ll help others like you. And maybe my boy. Or someone else’s children.

    Good on you.

  17. My mom donates every 8 weeks, on a schedule and has all kinds of pins and awards. She will no doubt continue to donate for you and others like you. I, myself, cannot donate for health reasons but I will spread the word and encourage those who can to do so. xo

  18. Becca_Masters says:

    I used to donate (or try to) regularly, but 6 out of my 8 attempts in my first year failed and my veins couldnt cope so I was advised not to donate anymore.
    I am however listed as an organ donor and I’m looking into donating bone marrow.
    I’d love to be able to do more, but sadly I can’t.

  19. Blood donation saves so many lives, I’m glad it helping you enjoy life more. Time with you family is precious. I’ve given you some love on StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word.

    Kiss you husband and babies an extra time every once in awhile, just because you can!

  20. Arwen8Aragorn says:

    Erin, I’ve never been a successful donor in the past because of vein problems but I’m willing to try again for you.

    I’m not sure whether a donation from someone like me would be any help since I also have an undetermined autoimmune disorder (Lupus has been mentioned as a possibility). As far as I know from paperwork, they don’t ask whether anyone knows if they have an autoimmune disorder. I’m just terrified of donating my blood or plasma and making things worse.

  21. Bethany says:

    Erin my dear friend….Will is a scheduled donor (universal) and while I haven’t donated in a bit, I will start again with you in the forefront of my mind.

    Love you!


  22. Thank you for reminding us to donate–I haven’t donated in a long time, and I still owe a ‘debt’ of blood from when I needed a couple units after having my femur break repaired surgically. AND I’m O+, nearly universal…I’ll do a little research.
    Bless you.

  23. My brother had IVIG for a different condition and it made a HUGE difference. It probably saved him. And I’m looking for a place to donate! I’ll do it for you Erin!

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