This is what Lupus treatment does to your body.

Warning: graphic photos

Both of my inner arms look like this- and it stretches across my chest and onto my breasts:

BOTH underarms look this way

These are my inner thighs and legs. I don’t think I need to say much more:

yup, these are my inner thighs

You can also find these patterns across my sides, my back, my ass.

Treatment that is protecting my organs has made it hard to get in a bathingsuit and face the world. The rapid, steroid, weight gain. The horrible marks. The bruises.

In public!

Never let it be said I’m stoppable.


  1. <3
    Not ever. YOU ARE AWESOME.

  2. You could sprout a tail and horns and you’d still be luminous.

  3. you look great !

  4. Yeah but look at that rack!!


  5. You never cease to amaze me, Erin.

    You’re amazing

  6. Love you bunches and bunches!

  7. Seriously, you’ve got killer cleavage!

  8. Alfter looking at these, it’s clear…The only place for Lupus is on its knees, with its lips firmly attached to your ass. 😀

  9. You’re still gorgeous. #SUCKITLUPUS!

  10. You have great cleavage.

  11. I still see Erin in your eyes, baby.

  12. You? Are a rock star. Not that THIS is news to anyone. But it needs to be said more often.

  13. Another reason I did this? Recently both my Mother and My Mother-In-Law saw me as I raised my arms and pretty much freaked out.

  14. *hugs* And I mean it.

  15. I can still see you.

    You’re in there, shining through. Plus, nice rack baby.

  16. I so agree with Dawn….. Killer cleavage!!!! Plus why stop now, Erin i have know you for well gosh lets not go there….. and never have I seen you taken prisoner by anything or anyone….. You take Lupus by the balls and show it whos boss!!!!… You ROCK!!!

    Ps. I love the suit!

  17. Nice boobage. Seriousy! What matters most is who you ARE and that’s a woman I simply admire.

  18. KICK ASS

  19. I’m so proud of you for posting these and I’m so excited to see you in a bathing suit.

  20. Erin,you freakin rock. I love that you did this/ telling lupus to fuck right off. Go you!!

  21. You GO girl! Kick Ass and take names!

  22. At least you get some boobs out of it.

    …bright side and all…

  23. Your alive and moving. I’d say stretch marks bc of the steroids are beyond sucky & frustrating. But, people don’t love or like you any less =) I know your pain (heavy steroids for my knees when in ms & hs) and can appreciate you staying strong & tough. Shady Lane hugs coming your way.

  24. You are absolutely fabulous!

  25. By honestly showing what fighting the disease is doing to your body, you are giving hope and courage to others who fight chronic illness, and who are beginning to wonder if the fight is worth it, since they are the “only ones on the planet who look like hell.”

    Please stay on the attack and do not leave us. I may need a broccoli casserole video in the future. 🙂 Love and admire you, Erin.

  26. francine hardaway says:

    It’s just a rash. And actually, thin is overrated. I’ve never been thin and five guys married me.

  27. You Rock!!! You are an incredibly brave and amazing woman. I soo admire your strength and attitude.

  28. God and the universe smile bless your brave and fearless heart much love and respect siSTAR

  29. You fucking go girl.

  30. You are amazing. Definitely unstoppable!

  31. Your rack rawks. And I know rawkin racks.

    If it is any remote consolation (which I’m sure it’s not really) My legs looked just about like yours while I was in puberty. Years of red marks. So I feel you there with the total suckage of the “really? really skin? really?”

  32. Home of the fighting Queens. Love you Erin!!

  33. Rachael Macry says:

    You are NOT letting it have summer swimming. Go Girl!!! [and honestly you look way better in a suit than I do, but nobody’s taking my swimming no way no how!]

  34. I feel ya! When I was 13, before I was put on the proper meds for my peripheral thyroid resistance, my thyroid and hormones were super wacky and I got stretch marks all over my thighs, bum and hips. I spent the rest of my teenage years wearing shorts at the beach, being super embarrassed of my body and longing to be like my friends.

    Finally at 18 (now 24) they had faded enough for me to show off a normal bikini again but I still hate the silvery reminiscence of my super sick years.

    Oh and I have a major jagged scar across my breast from when I had a tumor removed 3 years ago.

    Way to rock your bathing suit!!!

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