White House Twitter Town Hall

A few thoughts on the Twitter Town hall as my body recovers and I fly across the country to hug my kids and kiss my husband:

It was weird to have a tech event in a room that looks like it should be hosting some ornate ceremony in which people used the words ‘thou’ and ‘four score’ instead of ‘tweet’ and ‘hashtag.’

The President made it very, very hard to tweet his responses in 140 characters. My fingers still hurt.

I got to do this:

Twitter Townhall at the White House

And any day I get to talk about social media, Detroit, Lupus, and health care to White House staff…I’m a happy camper.

You can watch the Twitter Townhall in its entirety at WhiteHouse.gov.


  1. What an interesting event! So glad you were able to attend (glad that you were invited and glad that you could physically make it).

  2. Ditto what Anita said. I’m in DC so sometimes I get information overload and tune out to goings on for a day or two but I’m glad I was paying attention for this.

  3. Oh, that is so wonderful! Really glad you were able to go.

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