A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Me Cool bought himself a new hat today
I kissed my son on the top of his head tonight.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right?

Except something was different.

I didn’t bend down.

I just put my chin to my chest and kissed him.

I didn’t bend down.

I realize in just a few short days he will be entering the 3rd grade. I also get that he doesn’t want me to ‘do that kissing thing in front of the guys at school.’ Or in front of anyone else, for that matter. Unless it’s his family.

I get it. I understand what is happening here. But at least when I had these conversations I had to bend to see eye-to-eye. I had to hunch over to hug him. Lean down to help him get dressed. Bend to give him a kiss.

And then, just like that…I didn’t bend.

I should have noticed. He’s started blushing when people kiss on tv. He laughs harder at jokes his father and I get. The ones we felt safe laughing at, knowing no one else in the room understood.

He studies comic books longer, now reading and reading instead of just glossing over the pictures. He reads instructions to his sister, who is still struggling with big words. He’s quicker to help me if I need my cane, or something from the fridge. He asks me why I look upset when reading the news, and truly wants to understand some of the world’s more complicated issues.

And still, so long as not too many are watching, lovingly accepts a kiss on the head from his Mom…who didn’t have to bend to give it.


  1. ((hugs)) He also looks TOTALLY thrilled that you were taking his picture!

    It’s sweet to know that though he doesn’t want you to kiss his head in front of the guys, he’s such a love-bug at home with you – helping out where he can.

    You done good, you did done good. (You too, Aaron.)

  2. I love the way you write.

    I love the way I can see this in my mind.

    I love the way you’ve captured this time in your lives so beautifully.

    Much love to your amazing little family. Minus any embarrassing kisses 😉

  3. This is lovely. I love the pride you have for your amazing boy too. But I’m also worried about the day my 6 year old doesn’t want me to kiss in public. Right now he’s still blowing kisses to me when he goes to school.

  4. It goes more quickly as we age, I wish I’d blogged when my daughter was little… ahem… back in the Stone Age… grab every moment and hang on tight!

  5. That is so sweet. My son is 22 and he has never stopped holding my hand in public. It’s amazing how quickly they grow.

  6. I completely agree with whats being said, if i was your son, i wouldnt want to be kissed in front of everyone at school

  7. I don’t know how it happened so fast here either. Third grade starts next week and there’s this young lady where my little girlchild was just a few months ago. But I still get the public affection and the cuddles. Which is good – because it turns out I’m not ready for this yet… 😉

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