Why I’m Taking My Two Kids & Ailing Body Across the Country

There comes a time when you have to stand up for what you believe…even if that means sitting down.

Let me explain.

I’m arranging to home school my children after Labor Day so we can travel across the country to stay with family. I’ll be using my wheelchair, on doctor’s orders, sitting because the recent and triumphant trip to New York did flare my Lupus a bit. But not enough to keep me down.

We plan on arriving in North Carolina just after Labor Day, resting with family and spending time at our first visit to a military base.

I will then charge up my body as best I can and charge up their minds as best I can so we can head to Charlotte on Thursday, September 6th to attend President Obama’s nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The kids understand the Affordable Health Care Act is something President Obama did that helps their Mom with her Lupus. They don’t understand HAMP 2.0 and ACA also have saved us from foreclosure, but that’s not something we want to worry them with.

The kids understand President Obama wants everyone to be equal, including friends they love of Mom and Dad’s who have spent holidays in our home. They agree it’s wrong to keep those friends from marrying who they love. They also agree it’s wrong to keep women from being paid the same as men. Everyone should be equal. Always.

The look on my daughter’s face when I told her there has never been a women President said it all.

We’re coming to Charlotte. We’re going to witness history. With my doctor giving me all the medication and treatment I need to get across the country, rest, and then strict orders to give some media interviews and only attend the speech…followed by MORE rest before we are allowed to fly home, we’re COMING TO CHARLOTTE.

Because it is that important.ย 

Because it is once-in-a-lifetime for my children to see the first African-American President speak to the American people as he seeks re-election.

Because they attend a public school charter that allows them the flexibility to learn outside the classroom. They will learn about government, media, social issues, activism, and how to form their own opinions on what they believe.

Because in this election, our family is literally the billboard for what this administration has accomplished for those who NEED help in this economy.

No one should lose their home because they get sick.

No one should be worried more about how much their treatment will cost, instead of which treatment their doctor prescribes in order for their survival.

No one should have to be forced to stay in a school that kills and drills, and only awards children based on standardized tests.

No one should be a pre-existing condition simply by being born a woman.

No one should have control over a woman’s body but the woman herself.

No one should tell anyone they can not marry the person they love.

No one should take a mother from her children too soon because she couldn’t afford her medication, her hospital bill, or that IV she gets every few weeks.

No one should be content to watch this November.

We’re getting on a plane, we’re showing the country there is nothing that will keep this family down and we will fight for those who fight for US.ย 

We’re headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to support President Obama and Vice President Biden because it matters too much to our family NOT to.


Thank you to family and Obama For Americaย for making this possible.ย 


  1. Awesome, Erin! I can’t wait to see the tweets, fb posts, and blog posts! And most of all, another Obama/Biden victory!!!!

  2. I am SO SO SO proud of you and so glad that you’ll be there representing strong, intelligent, and, frankly, kickass women despite everything that you’ve had to deal with. You GO lady!

  3. I can’t think of another person who deserves this more. You are amazing and I’m so glad you and your kids will be able to live this.

  4. Awesome!

  5. That is awesome news. I will be following along.

  6. So happy for you!

  7. What an amazing gift you’re giving your children, yourself, and the rest of us who get to watch #ErinGoesToDNC2012. Stay healthy, rest and know that so many people appreciate that you’re doing this for them as much as you’re doing it for you and your family.

  8. Say hi to my mom and auntie! They’ll both be there. Oh, I’m so excited for you!

  9. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful mother! I wish you and your family a safe journey and an exciting adventure!

  10. As a parent the only thing we can really do to “shape, mold or influence” (if there really is such a thing) our children is to model strength, courage, fortitude, integrity, virtue, fairness and beauty. I am honored to call you a friend and I am so filled with pride as I watch you FIGHT against your disease to FIGHT against those in our country who try to bring us down.

    You are an amazing example for your children, your beloved husband, family, friends and the world on how a response-able and loving citizen should act in the face of adversity.

    You continue to inspire, amaze and uplift all by your courage, strength and beautiful spirit…Blessings to you and thank you for making our world a better place.

  11. Rob Zachritz says:

    I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I’ll be watching our President’s speech with my wife so I can point out Erin and family. “Look there’s Erin and her kids.”

  12. Love!

  13. THank you all. The kids are very excited … I am excited…. the cousins in NC are excited, And we’re taking every precaution for my body, so hopefully it will handle the plane ride and the speech.

  14. This is so incredibly awesome, Erin!

  15. Outstanding news, Erin!!! I will be there Tuesday to Friday and hope I get a chance to see you! You are an inspiration, and I love your moxie.

  16. Enjoy, sweet family.

  17. Great to hear! And what a fantastic opportunity for the kids!

  18. Amazing! as always.. What an awesome mother you are.. How lucky your kids are to have an inspirational, strong and independent woman for their mother

  19. Amazing! I am so happy that you get this amazing opportunity and that your kids get to be part of it. I am sorry that you have to do it with failing health. We are going to be there with you in spirit.

  20. I look forward to reading posts about your experience! Maybe your kids can write a post or two themselves? I think my own kids would be interested in reading that! Have a great time.

  21. Allison Herbert says:

    Your story is so inspiring! My mother purchased place mats that have the pictures of all the US presidents from Washington to Obama. My daughter, 7 at the time, took one look and said, “No women?” Please enjoy your trip and know that we are there with you.

  22. And you’re of course planning to make time to meet me, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚ My son and I are coming down to Charlotte for the big event Thursday night as well, so …

  23. I am so proud and honored to know you, even if it’s just a little.

  24. Nice! Go you!!

  25. Dang, you made me cry! This is AMAZING and I am so proud of you all.

  26. I am so proud of you, Erin. I am so glad you have this opportunity, that you are sharing it with your children, that you’ve got this voice and are making sure it’s heard because of course you are affected but you are giving voice to all of the people who cannot speak for themselves or otherwise feel unheard. Thank you.

  27. A brilliant plan! I feel your energy through the internet. I applaud your determination to do something to profound to witness history. God Speed and let the bells ring for freedom of choice. Every one of us needs to be reminded in this crucial time that our voices do make a difference.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Polite Woman’s Guide

  28. Thank you for highlighting it. The only thing the Republican party cares about is the cost and frankly that makes me sick there shouldn’t be a price on good health care. I’m someone who benefitted from the part where you can be on your parents until 26 as well as the coverage on birth control. I also believe my dad would have had better care and not gotten his caphiter infection that lead to his kidney failure had he been given the correct diagnosis in the first place instead they knew he had a pre-existing condition and didn’t care for him how they should, but don’t get me wrong my dad’s diabetes were on him as well, but his kidney failure wasn’t. I just wish more people would read about the benefits and if they think the taxation is more important then I hope to god they never get a terrible illness and have to pay out of pocket because then then they might regret their decisions. Millions are benefitting from Obamacare and they want to ignore it and it makes me sick.

  29. Good for you and if I’ve learned anything reading your stuff over the past few years, you’ll make a difference doing this. Do take care of yourself, though and take it easy.

  30. Amen to that! Have a safe journey!

  31. you are amazing. Your kids are so unbelievably lucky to have a mother like they do. I think of you often, always wishing you the best. Love and health to you Erin.

  32. I live here in Charlotte and I’m so glad you’re coming! This made me cry. The community tickets were released on Saturday, as I was being released from the hospital, but a friend managed to get me one. If my wheelchair is next to yours, say hi.

    I am going to Monday’s & Wensday’s Disability Caucus’. I will probably blog about them out of sheer boredom. I mean, it’s a meeting, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m so glad you’re coming. I’m so happy for you!

  33. Hi Erin,
    Found a copy of your post at Care2.com. I am in full agreement with you, and you have my admiration.
    I may also be able to help with your health issues.
    One of my professions is editing. Some years ago I edited a book on Lupus for Jill Herrington. Look up her web site

  34. Go you!, and your kids. It is time for love, sharing, caring and equality to govern our every thought and action.
    Sandy – New Zealand


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