Superhero: Hala and Malala

Today my eight-year old daughter astounded me, and many others, by presenting the story of Malala Yousafzai to her class.

#allhailhala as Malala

She spoke of Malala’s fight to make sure all girls receive an education while noting she was lucky to be in school, talking about Malala.

She spoke of the men who tried to kill Malala for wanting girls to be educated and when parents and students reacted, she told them “can you believe she is still alive and STILL fighting to make sure girls can go to school?”

She has a crowd! I'm surprised by the # of parents  hearing Malala's story for the 1st time

And she told parents, who had never heard the story, that Malala was her superhero and she hopes she can be that brave someday.

2nd graders and their parents asked me, as I stood nearby listening, “how did she know who this was?” and without missing a beat my daughter interrupted the adults,

“I heard it on the news and my Mom told me some, but mostly I saw it on tv.”

Making sure the adults in the room knew I wasn’t the one who pushed her into choosing Malala. In fact, I had offered up many names from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to President Obama. As soon as we discussed Malala, my little one knew exactly who she was doing her research on for her superhero project.

It made me realize, as a blogger, that this big, big world isn’t so big after all. Malala began her claim to fame as a blogger for the BBC and from there my very own daughter learned about her struggles and battle back from the brink of death without fear. It didn’t scare her that this amazing young woman was nearly killed for standing up for what she believes, it pushed her to think about what SHE believes in enough to be shot for.

There have been no nightmares, no questions about bad guys in the Taliban. Simply the fight between good, evil and where girls and women stand in the world.

Like many around the world I want to thank Malala for her bravery and for inspiring an entire generation of young girls who are unafraid to follow in her footsteps to do what is right, no matter the cost.


  1. What a good presentation! Hala picked an interesting subject and told the story so well! Nice work.

  2. Hala– Amazing Job! You sure picked a great superhero in Malala. She will be remembered along with the likes of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

  3. Wow! Amazing presentation, Hala!!! I love how you are sharing Malala’s story so that so many other people can learn about her and the struggles that girls in other countries face. It’s such an important topic and you did a really great job telling people about her and her life!

    Keep up the good work standing up for girls everywhere! I look forward to reading and hearing about all of the other great work you do as you grow up!

  4. What an amazing job! Thank you for sharing her with us!

  5. Felicia says:


    Today as my little girl grbled about going to school and wanting to stay home, I crawled in bed with her and pulled up your mom’s blog post and read it to her. She sat quietly and asked why? I tried to answer her question. She then asked how can I help? So, I told her get up and go to school. Share the story you heard and let’s start making a change.

    Thank you for inspiring both of us.

    Felicia and Sammi

  6. What an inspired and inspiring choice! I’m so glad Hala could share her story with her classmates and their parents (and now, the blogosphere).

  7. Chris Darling says:

    I very much enjoyed your presentation on Malala Yousafzai. I am going to share this with both of my nieces once they come home from school. I know that they will have an appreciation for your words in explaining just how important having the RIGHT to go to school is for all young people and especially young girls. Thank you for bringing Malala’s courage and story to light!

    Chris Darling

  8. Thank you Hala for sharing this with not only your class, but all of us. I love that you went with your heart to tell everyone more about Malala and her important message.

  9. Laura @nothinbettah2do says:

    Hala, what an inspirational presentation bringing to light the plight of a girl just like you in another country where getting an education can be a very dangerous endeavor. Kudos!!

  10. ally dee says:

    Amazing job hala! I have a daughter named Maddie who is in first grade and she said to tell you she loved your project and was happy to learn about Malalla! Good job little lady!!

  11. Way to go Hala! That was a wonderful report about a very special girl who has and will change the world. I know you are going to do the same one day!

  12. Awesome job, Hala! Not surprised such a smart girl would pick Malala to profile…it was a great thing you did, spreading the word about her. That’s how you make the difference.

    I wish I lived closer so we could hang out. 🙂 xoxo laurie


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