Heathers, preschool style

I’ve had much anxiety lately. Not that its unusual for me to have anxiety over things, but lets just say I’ve had more anxiety than normal these days. I, of course, blame the media. (ok, for those who don’t know, that’s a really big joke on my part) I spent most of yesterday talking to a friend who isn’t sure if she’s sending her daughter to preschool this morning. Her daughter is 6 weeks older than the Count. One of my friend’s reasons for sending her two days a week was “because by the next class, when they are 3, they already have cliques and stuff and they can be so mean to newcomers. ” Ok, hang on here. What???????

CLIQUES in PRESCHOOL??? Is she serious? As if I wasn’t having a enough trouble because of THIS new study, now I hear there is a popular crowd at Little Shepherd’s Nursery School? What is going on here? The Count isn’t potty trained yet. He CAN’T go to preschool. We don’t have a spot for this year anyway (yup, one-two year waiting list in this town). Not to mention the fact that I think dropping your 2 year old off at preschool is too early. But seriously, I now have to worry once he does go, he’ll not be accepted? Will he be the guy in black with the cigarette in the corner? Will he be on the jungle gym alone with his pocket protector? F’in shoot me now, because the anxiety grows by the day. And its over things I would have NEVER of dreamed of.


  1. Robey goes to daycare with his cousin Max, so I worry sometimes that they don’t play enough with the other kids. It doesn’t seem cliquey to me in their room, though. If anything, they’re all at the age where they’d still rather be playing alone than with friends.

  2. I think that’s why it shocked me so much. I mean, poor Jack doesn’t even KNOW other kids exist sometimes, let alone be part of their little circle!

  3. I’m pretty sure Claudia is already a mean girl. Just ask Eric.

  4. It’s just the girls. After sending 3 year old boys to pre-school & teaching kindergaretn, it’s only the girls. Boys don’t care. Although, I don’t think it’s that severe.

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