…ok, that may have been a bit premature. I’m just excited. I’m back in my size 10 jeans. I’m only halfway to my goal of losing all that Princess Peanut Pregnancy weight. But its coming off. Down 2.4lbs at weigh in today. Celebrated with In and Out burger. Oh come on. I gotta have a day here and there where its more than one cup of brown rice and veggies. I’ll be back on track tomorrow and kicking ass and taking names. I’m down 15.2 total. HALF WAY THERE BABY!!!!

The Count just said to the Kaiser after clipping a baby toy onto his arm…”Oh, its beautiful Daddy.”

Last night he killed us too. The Kaiser said “Count…lay down and let me put your PJ’s on you…” The Count laid down right away. The Kaiser said “Good job, thank you.” The Count said
“Yeah, I thought you would like that Daddy.”


  1. Your Count is adorable!

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