Headwound Harry meets Headwound Harriet

Because learning to crawl last week just wasn’t enough…the over-achieving Princess pulled herself up on the stairs and stood today. She obviously doesn’t know her 6-month birthday isn’t until next week. Or that she really shouldn’t be walking and doing long division by Christmas. But whatever, don’t tell her that.

You’d think I’d be a proud Queen. But you see, her first pull-to-a-stand moment of pride came back to back with her first crack-her-head on hard object horror.

Yes, following in the proud Royal Family Tradition, she has a headwound. The Count was famous for headwounds. And not to be outdone, the Princess has chalked her first one up at the mere age of almost 6 months.

See those stairs behind her??? That’s where the stand/tumble took place as I froze instead of lunged to save her. Then came the usual. Panic. How bad is it? Do we need to call the pediatrician? Do we need to go to the ER? Is it popping out like an egg? Is it bruising inward and pooling blood by her brain??? Etc. Etc. Etc. Convinced, in part, by her willingness to crawl right back over and do it again(minus the tumble) I decided she was fine. I think. Good thing that 6 month check up is next week.


  1. Jordan just started to crawl and he’s nine months!

  2. The Count never crawled. This is new territory for us.

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