Snot factory? What snot factory?

In an attempt to amuse and delude myself from what is really going on here today (yes, the Princess is now spewing snot too) Here are some fun and mindless things to check out:

1) This moron actually lives about 5 miles from where I grew up. I would totally tattoo Steve Yzerman’s face on my ass, but this is just sad.

2) This political quiz called me a socialist. Too bad I like me some expensive stuff. But it would be a nice world if we could all have expensive stuff.

3) In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, HOCKEY IS BACK, BABY. We had our fantasy draft Sunday, but the Kaiser and I were dealing with the sea of snot, so our team got autodrafted. I will happily take your suggestions on what to do with this:
M. Sundin (Tor – C)
O. Jokinen (Fla – C)
B. Morrow (Dal – LW)
O. Kvasha (NYI – LW)
J. Iginla (Cgy – RW)
B. Hull (Pho – RW)
N. Lidstrom (Det – D)
B. McCabe (Tor – D)
N. BoyntonNA (Bos – D)
F. Kaberle (Car – D)
J. Nieuwendyk (Fla – C)
B. Gionta (NJ – RW)
A. Brunette (Col – LW)
E. Belfour (Tor – G)
D. Hasek (Ott – G)
J. Grahame (TB – G)
Obviously Brunette will be the first to go. I won’t even have a Fagalanche player on my fantasy team. You can take the girl out of Detroit…

4) I really want the entire family to dress like this for Halloween. But I know the Kaiser would kill me.

5) We purchased this little potty for our ongoing potty training fun this weekend. I honestly think it might be the single most ridiculous child-related purchase we’ve ever made. The freaking thing SINGS and the book its comes with is more than comical. The Count is entirely too sick for us to be trying it out all that much right now. But I predict it will be more than funny once we get going. Seriously. Its A ROYAL THRONE, what could possibly go wrong???


  1. Just surfing through from Blog Explosion and wanted to say hi!

    My boys are both sick now, too. I hate it. Good luck!

  2. Is everyone sick? Seriously…does anyone know someone who is currently healthy??? I’m sensing a conspiracy here…

  3. You can potty train a child, but a well trained potty mouth led by a sharp wit is forever.
    Just stopping in from Blog Explosion… visit my blog if laughing is your type of internet fun!

  4. Hi there!
    We’re also in the middle of potty training! And we have a couple poorly babas…I definately think there’s a cold thing going on!
    I like your blog – nice to know that wherever we are in the world, family life is the same wonderful thing!

  5. Potty mouths are common place in this house. My son walked around our ottoman chanting “goddammit” not too long ago. My guess is he’ll be saying “fuck you” before he actually poops in a toilet.

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