Today we celebrate. Today we party. Today we open the Igor Larionov bottle of wine I’ve been saving. Today we dine out for hurricane relief. Welcome back hockey. Here is what you looked like in my house when you left us. Or at least, when I remember you last. And next to it…what you look like now. You are a completely different person. But I love you, just the same.
Now drop the puck.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your teams win tonight.

  2. Why thank you! Fun was had by all.

  3. Yay hockey! I hear ya, Queenie! Me, I’m a Canucks fan myself, and our team did in Gretzky’s Coyotes 3-2 last night. Huzzah huzzah! It was my son Milo’s first hockey game, so I’m glad it was a win.

    My husband wants you to know he has Lindstrom in his hockey pool. So you guys are allowed to win whenever you’re not playing the ‘Nucks! 🙂

    Oh, and about this whole hair loss thing — I think we should just shave our heads and embrace our impending baldness. Maybe we could start a new fashion trend…?

  4. I’ve always liked scarfs. Maybe we kind find some funky ones and pretend we’re super trendy?

    Lindstrom is on my fantasy team too! I think he’s my only Red Wing…I swear.

    I’d totally root for the Canucks when they are not playing the wings, of course. Am I a bad hockey fan for actually wanting your team to win last night? I fear the Great One has gotten a little big for his britches…

  5. I meant scarves. I did. Really.

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