The world goes to HELL while my Internet is down

Seriously. I’m gone for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.

Can THIS really be true? First of all, I thought Tom Cruise couldn’t reproduce. But I think that came from the same tabloid that informed me Hillary Clinton was an alien. And what about poor Katie’s parents? I mean, are they freaking out? Or are they like my Mother…who STILL tells us she used to live in the same subdivision as Tom Cruise’s mother. She was that excited.

Also, while my DSL, that’s not really DSL was taking a crap, our President thought it would be fun to scare the LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME. We just got our flu shots here, but apparently that whole regular flu is very last year. If I were any sort of mother I’d be tracking down that avian flu antidote as we speak.

To add to the fun around here, while I spent an hour on the phone with the DSL that’s not really DSL company, the Count got his entire arm STUCK IN THIS.

Oh, and someone or something is stealing tomatoes from our garden. We think it might be our neighbors my husband has named “The Courtney Love Experience” if that gives you any indication of what they are like.


  1. I’ve been following the avian flu news through this blog. When I first mentioned its potential seriousness to my family, they thought I was nuts. Now that they’ve read up on it too, they think maybe we should be concerned. If it hits, I’m pulling Robey out of daycare and locking my doors for a month. At least.

  2. Ok, I’m now officially freaked out. But also almost thankful to know I’m not the only one freaking out. I’m with you. There will be no preschool. No shopping. We’ll go through all the earthquake supplies and the pantry before I open my doors to this thing!

  3. My son has that same toy. Never got any body parts stuck in it, but he stuck cereal in it and then turned on the air. THE MESS…ugh.

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