Weekend recap

Temporary tattoos (the dinosaur variety) last exactly 3 weeks and 3 days on an adult arm (the Mom variety).

When your husband says “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you” to your toddler for the first time, you may be simultaneously impressed and kinda creeped out.

A rash decision to get bangs is ALWAYS a bad idea.

Toddlers eating all their meals under the kitchen table isn’t so bad, so long as they eat.

Bragging to friends and family that no, your baby has not bit your nipple with her new teeth is a surefire was to end up with a bitemark on your nipple.

And finally…your children will always behave like angels for their father when you, filled with guilt, steal away for a few hours on the weekend because you’re going crazy.

See you after my midterms!


  1. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend(except for the purple nurple) Shame the Yankees will have to spoil Columbus Day for you! 🙂

    I noticed you linked to me. Thanks! I shall return the favor.

  2. What a horrible way to lose last night! Winning and Winning and then blowing it in the 8th!

    No problem on the link. I need inspiration, I’m working on that whole Zen Mom thing.

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