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Definitions: expressing disapproval: used to express contempt, disbelief, disgust, or disappointment ( informal )
[Early 20th century. Partly

The Queen’s example: I say “HSRZQ!” to this new study crapping on all my parenting beliefs.


  1. Well, I say TUJHSZBT! to that!

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  3. TUJHSZBT! I like yours better. It has a vowel.

  4. Vowels are indeed very necessary in most words, but perhaps his feelings were just too strong to be watered down by a silly a, e, i, o, or u (and sometimes y).

  5. My favourite standby is “Phlllbt!” My three-month old seems to have mastered it well.

    I hear you on the bangs thing, too.

    One more period to go in the game — will the Canucks hold their lead? Only time will tell!

  6. Game over. Canucks end our streak. I almost posted a bet for you guys…glad I didn’t!

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