I need help. (stop laughing)

See this little girl? This one…right here…..She won’t leave my arms. Not for a nap. Not to play. Not to see Daddy. Not so I can take a shit. She is FOREVER on me. And I’m getting a little frazzled.

If I lay her down. She wakes up. If I set her down awake, she screams her head off. If I, dear God no, leave the room…all hell breaks loose.

I know these tiny creatures go through phases. And she’s obviously in one now. But I would really, really like to wipe my ass without her 7 month old 17lbs plus sack of potatoes on my lap.


  1. ew.

  2. Part of the reason I went back to work was so that I could eat & shit alone!

  3. Work? What is this work place you speak of? Are there adults there? Do you talk about things OTHER than Elmo? Tell me more…

  4. Kaiser, my Love. I’m just keepin’ it real. Motherhood is all eeeww and some awww.

  5. I actually have to use my knees to block my son from sticking his head between my legs and getting soaked. Funny stuff. I got here via Tired Tunia @ the Library. Funny, funny funny.

  6. velcro baby! i had one of those. it is just a phase. what you gotta do, is just let ’em scream when you go potty – it will not ruin them for life, trust me!

    and i agree with tammy – besides the money factor, working part-time got me out of the house and gave me a much needed “break”.

  7. did I just say, “go potty”?


  8. Oh the things I have to look forward to!

  9. ha. totally feel ya. got two of my own. you cracked me up, btw. thanks. i have a wicked cold and totally needed to smile

  10. The other night I had the first opportunity to take a bubble bath ALONE in almost 3 years. Pat (my husband) came up to talk to me while I waited for the water to surpass the 3″ mark that Gavin gets, then stood there waiting for me to disrobe and get in. I made him leave. Can’t I just NOT be watched for a change? Just once?

  11. The other night I had the opportunity to take my first bubble bath ALONE in close to 3 years. Gavin was asleep. Pat came upstairs to talk to me while I was patiently waiting for the water to get to an adult level, then stood there in anticipation of me undressing. I made him leave. Can I just NOT be watched for a change? Just once?

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